Media Regurgitates IPCC’s ‘Final Warning’ on Climate Change – Without Realizing We’ve Already Passed 1.5°C

With all this contrary evidence of a doom-laden present and future, isn’t it time we simply stop listening to these unproven claims?

Professor Peter Ridd – The World’s Coral Reefs are not Declining

Professor Ridd reviews the latest data on the state of the world’s coral reefs, which is extremely encouraging, especially for the Great Barrier Reef, the largest single reef system, with…

Green Dictatorship? Netherlands Politicians Answering to the EU instead of Voters

The EU sees no reason to allow the Netherlands to change course, despite a resounding rejection of EU agriculture policies during recent elections.

Greta Thunberg:  Doctor of Theology

Opinion by Kip Hansen — 24 March 2023 [This is an Opinion piece – an OpEd – it is solely the opinion of the author, Kip Hansen, and does not…

LIVE at NOON EST: We’re Doomed… Again! IPCC and Media Jump the Shark

Earlier this week, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released its AR6 climate change report. Expectedly, the report is defined by serial doomcasting and claims of impending catastrophe despite…

Harvard Law Accepts a Paper Advocating Homicide Charges for Big Oil Execs

Environmental activists have written a paper on a computer made of coal and oil products to demand the prosecution of big oil execs.

Jacob Nordangård: UN/WEF openly planning to use the CO2 scam to control us | Tom Nelson Podcast

Tom Nelson Mar 23, 2023 Tom Nelson PodcastJacob Nordangård is a Swedish researcher, author, lecturer, and musician. Ph.D. in Technology and Social Change at Linköping University. Master of Social Science…

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