Atmospheric water vapor (TPW) and climate change

By Andy May Christian Freuer has translated this post into German here. In the latest IPCC major report, AR6, they report: “a best estimate of equilibrium climate sensitivity of 3°C,…

Book Review: A Tale of Two Climates

“A Tale of Two Climates” is suitable for use as a “coffee table book”. Leave it around for visitors to pick up and leaf through…almost every page has a graphic…

The 1.5 C Temperature Fiction, Already Exceeded

…temperatures tend to cycle at a decadal scale and by much more than 1.5 C.

STEVE MILLOY: Biden Uses His First Veto to Sacrifice Americans’ Retirement Savings at The Altar Of ESG

The new Biden rule permits retirement savings to be placed into an ESG investment vehicle, without consent from the employee.

The Science of Dryness & California Droughts & Fire

A public succumbing to fear mongering and lies only opens the door for bad solutions and government tyranny.

Netherlands Votes NO to the Climate Activist War on Farmers

A new political party which represents farmers who are fed up with police shooting at their kids and threatened evictions for daring to work the land has won a “monster”…

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