EU Takes Step to Force All Homes, Buildings to Meet Crushing Energy Efficiency Standards

“That’s pie-in-the-sky policymaking from cuckoo land. It’s neither affordable nor feasible,” said head of the Haus&Grund association Kai Warnecke to Bild newspaper.

License to Disrupt: Australia Goes Soft on Climate Protestors

Deanna “Violet” Maree Coco, who used a truck and flares to set up an illegal road block on Sydney’s main harbour crossing, has just walked free from jail on appeal.

A Fresh Approach to Energy Policy

The government’s relentless pursuit of lower emissions is inconsistent with these yet-to-be-resolved issues.

Claim: A Majority of Voters believe Climate Change is a False Religion

“… the climate religion actually has nothing to do with the climate. It is all about power, control, dominion and apologizing for America’s own success.  …”

Climate Depot: Reality Check to Biden

Here is what Biden said, and what follows is a Climate Depot point-by-point rebuttal to each of Biden’s claims.

Climate Crisis? What Climate Crisis? Part One: The Evidence

Those who have been bamboozled into believing there is a climate problem at all, let alone a crisis, need to look at the facts, evaluate them, and reach their own…

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