Should have Gone to School Greta – Deletes a Tweet Predicting Disaster by 2023

Little Greta covering her tracks, squirming and posturing like any other establishment politician?

Germany’s Coming Green Energy “Economic Miracle”

Heat pumps that run on electricity at 5 times U.S. prices, and then don’t keep you warm on the coldest days of the winter. That’s the green idea of an…

More Aussie Climate Change Heresy?

Ever since former conservative Aussie PM Tony Abbott announced “I am a climate skeptic” at CPAC 2022, there has been indications climate belief might not be rock solid amongst other…

Ungrounded Australian Fears

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach In his recent post entitled Aussie Sea Level Rise Building Permit Chaos, Eric Worrall discussed how people in southern Australia are being prevented from building…

Power Transformer Shortage is Wreaking Havoc in the U.S.

DOE and Commerce also warned that transformer supply is a national security issue — even without the added pressure of a clean energy transition.”

Former FEMA Heads Warn EV Manufacturers are Compromising Safety

AM radios are long range, resilient means for FEMA to communicate federal disaster alerts. But EV manufacturers are removing them, because EV motors generate radio noise which impedes reception.

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