Modern Diplomacy: We Should Focus on Climate Action Rather than Interplanetary Colonialism

NASA might have to put their plans to invade Mars on hold, if we heed the green concerns of one of Europe’s foremost woke think tanks.

New WUWT Global Temperature Feature: Anomaly vs. Real-World Temperature

One of the most frightening aspects of global warming, aka “climate change” is the graphs produced from temperature data for public consumption and trumpeted by an unquestioning and compliant media.…

Was the Silicon Valley Bank Collapse Caused by Climate Activism?

“… SVB recognizes the significant societal, ecological and economic threats of climate change. … We enable entrepreneurs with inventions and new businesses that reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and take…

There Is No Energy Transition, Just Energy Addition

While renewables claim a larger fraction of a growing pie, fossil fuels are expected to grow faster in absolute terms.

Polar bear sightings and sea ice conditions in Newfoundland & Labrador 2023 vs. 2017

Conservation officials issued an alert to residents of coastal communities to be aware of polar bears coming ashore

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