Claim: Climate Change will Cost Germany $960 Billion by 2050

But Climate ACTION is reportedly costing Germany €1.5 billion per DAY – €440 billion between February and December last year.

Bureaucracies Utterly Incapable of Making Reasonable Tradeoffs

I’m old enough to remember when being self-sufficient in food production and not dependent on food imports was considered a positive good for a country.

America’s Suppression of Fossil Fuels Is Courting a National Security Disaster

You cannot run households, businesses, hospitals, and the military on occasional electricity!

Give up Beef and Dairy or the Global Climate Gets It

“… Unless humans rapidly change mass food production systems, including eating less beef and dairy, emissions from the sector could add nearly 1 degree to global temperatures by 2100 …”

Carbon Capture & Storage: ExxonMobil’s Big Political Play

Carbon capture and storage is a “loss leader” for ExxonMobil to officially greenwash.

New Study Blames ‘Climate Change’ For Gun Violence. Morano Responds.

Marc Morano doesn’t hold back.

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