Warming could raise UK flood damage bill by 20%, Say Make-Believe Computer Simulations

Meanwhile back in the real world, real flood experts have analysed historical flood trends, and found that the percentage of the population at risk has actually declined since 1870 in…

Setting Senator Whitehouse Straight On Climate And Wildfires

There is no evidence supporting claims that rising CO2 and global warming increases the spread or intensity of wildfires.

Science Yields Surprises! Island Nations Growing… “Atoll, Island Stability Is Global Trend”!

It is noteworthy that no island larger than 10 ha decreased in size.

Climate Fact Check: February 2023 Edition

Ten pieces of climate propaganda from February 2023 exposed and debunked.

ExxonMobil Cans Algae (greenwash failure)

The end of algae as a substitute for crude oil comes after $350 million and 14 years of commitment.

Early-birthing polar bear female with new cubs out on the ice already in Western Hudson Bay

Remember this when the cries of “early” breakup of sea ice on Hudson Bay come in the summer: these WH bears routinely get a head start on spring feeding that other…

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