New York Independent System Operator Information for Policy Makers

In the political climate of Albany it is not clear how to get policy makers to consider the risks of ignoring the issues raised.

Are Electric Vehicles About To Sweep The Country?

I’ll place a solid bet that market penetration of EVs will stall out at a low level well before 2035.

How FERC can protect the grid from wind and solar

The basic idea is very simple; do not add renewables without sufficient backup.

Net Zero Intelligence: British TUC Demands Net Zero AND Energy Subsidies

After years of pushing Net Zero, the British Trades Union Congress has demanded the British Government continue subsidising energy the TUC helped make unaffordable.

The Holocene Temperature Conundrum

By Andy May This post has been translated in German by Christian Freuer here. As my regular readers know, I’ve been writing about the Holocene, especially Holocene climate, for over…

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