China is Locking Up Future Natural Gas Supplies

Next time you pay your gas bill, the bill might be higher because of China’s geopolitical games. Only the election of pro fossil fuel Western governments can fix this situation.

Rank Innumeracy on The Cost of Electricity from Renewables

…the people who are most trusted to have mastered basic numeracy, and who get to pass out trillions of dollars of public funds — are completely innumerate.

Is The ESG Colossus Stumbling

Reposted from Forbes Tilak Doshi Contributor I analyze energy economics and related public policy issues. Yesterday, leaders of the Florida’s House and Senate hailed legislation that would “protect Florida retirement accounts and…

Sydney Mayor: “…We Must Help Motorists Make the Shift” to EVs

City based greens, like the Lord Mayor of Sydney, think Australia is electric vehicle ready, that all people need is a little help to make the transition. The reality is…

Senator Kennedy Shocks Climate Cultists

Senator Kennedy sends unhinged climate cultists into utter state of SHOCK, short circuit after GRILLING them on radical climate agenda🔥— Benny Johnson (@bennyjohnson) February 20, 2023

Study finds sinking tundra surface unlikely to trigger runaway permafrost thaw

“Improved drainage results in a drier landscape over a decadal timescale, and the process then becomes self-limiting,” said Scott Painter, who leads the Watershed Systems Modeling group at ORNL.

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