The Offshore Wind Turbine Whale Slaughter Continues?

Green energy projects may soon rival the kill rate of Japanese Whale “research” vessels, if claims of a connection are true.

Hyping Maximum Temperatures (Part 6)

The extent of any contrived warming is likely to vary with the type of custom-designed probe and the local environmental conditions.

Aussie Greens are Blocking the New Carbon Tax

A hilarious standoff has developed in Aussie politics, where greens are refusing to support a new carbon tax unless all the loopholes are closed.

Claim: Plastic Coffee Cup Ban Might Increase Methane Emissions

Should coffee just be banned? Having fought hard to ban plastic coffee cups, Aussie greens have realised solving plastic pollution with compostable cups might increase greenhouse gas emissions.

Gas Stoves: The Beloved Blue Flame is Just Better

DOE needs to stop politicizing energy appliances on unfounded predictions that “clean” renewable electricity will soon dominate the grid. 

Are Your Veggies Less Nutritious?

“Mounting evidence shows that many of today’s whole foods aren’t as packed with vitamins and nutrients as they were 70 years ago, potentially putting people’s health at risk.”

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