The Cost of Virtue Signaling – the Impact of Doubling UK Wind Power

It is important to understand that a doubling of wind power generation does not enable gas turbine generation capacity to be reduced.

Fossil discovery reveals complex ecosystems existed on Earth much earlier than previously thought

Discovery challenges understanding of how quickly life recovered from the greatest mass extinction in Earth’s history

Support Clintel in their “Climate Case of the Century”

This case is now pending on appeal before the Hague Court of Appeals.

The Mass Extinction Fraud

Contrary to 60 Minutes, the facts are overwhelming that earth isn’t in the midst of an “extinction crisis.”

More Wackiness: Flashback 2020: ‘Climate change could be responsible’ for ‘autoimmune diseases & autism’ claims Rutgers U. researcher’s new study

The changes in the environment and biodiversity brought on by climate change could be responsible for increases in allergies, autoimmune diseases and autism,

Censoring Inconvenient Truths

It was never about “facts” or “truth”, it is about “politics”, and censoring inconvenient truths:

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