‘Al Gore and the End of Climate Policy’ (autopsy time)

The mitigation strategy of the United Nations, the UK/EU, and the Biden Administration has failed.

IMF: Recent Surges in Energy Prices Could Complicate Net Zero Goals

“… recent surges in energy prices could complicate the achievement of temperature goals …” – The more expensive fossil fuel energy is, the less likely people are to invest in…

Net Zero or Good Enough?

The proposed ‘good enough’ plan provides direction but is not overly constraining.

Climate Change Weekly #461: Answering the Climate Inquisition

Having closed their minds to evidence and even the mere possibility that humans might not be causing a climate catastrophe, the CI not only refuses to debate or engage climate…

LIVE at 1PM EST – Friday Funnies: Wind Power Fails

Wind is among the most popular renewable energy sources, but the truth is, wind power really blows. From collapsing or burning turbines, to snapped lines, to plastics pollution and the…

Climate Fact Check: January 2023 Edition

Seven pieces of climate propaganda from January 2023 exposed and debunked.

The Nation Flounders on Miami Sea-Level Rise Story

The story is not just false, it is laughably inept.

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