BBC End of Snow: “How climate change threatens to close ski resorts”

Will they ever tire of being wrong?

Stephen Fry, Emma Thompson and Aisling Bea: Stop Financing Fossil Fuel

Jetset celebrities Stephen Fry, Emma Thompson and Aisling Bea have demanded banks stop financing production of jet fuel? Maybe they haven’t thought it through.

Former spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion turns on group, now rejects climate doomsday: ‘Climate activism has a cult problem…I used to be one of them’ – ‘I watched people brainwashed’

October 2019 was, for many of us in XR, a turning point.

Extraordinary Resignation by a Geology Professor: ‘I feel the profession…is no longer worthy of my efforts’

On Twitter, there is a openly raw admission of why academia has decended into little more than intellectual tribalism, with ‘climate change’ being at the center of the issue. Dr.…

Researchers Propose Compulsory Climate Change Teaching in Core Law Curriculum

Legal educators now face the responsibility of ensuring that law graduates are equipped with adequate knowledge of climate law and social context in which they will operate.

Antarctica Putting Brakes on Global Sea Level Rise! And: ‘World Climate News’ Makes Debut

The new model also expects more snowfall in Antarctica and the Antarctic ice mass is even expected to remain unchanged and stable overall this century

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