Aussie PM Hosts Bill Gates to Discuss Pandemics and Climate Change

Will Aussie PM Anthony Albanese listen to Bill Gates position that nuclear power is required to hit net zero?

The California Drought is Over. Definitively.

 Blaming climate change as the primary cause for current problems and recent “drought” leads to not dealing with the real problems.

Sea Level Update from Noosa National Park, Queensland Australia

So, each year on the highest tide I go see how much the ocean has risen.

Hydrogen Will Not Save Us. Here’s Why.

But how environmentally friendly is hydrogen really?

Claim: Solar Powered Refrigerators would Solve African Food Waste

If only people like International Environment and Resource Policy Post Doc Abay Yimere talked to the engineering department before discussing technology solutions.

Barry Brill: For Billionaires, Climate Lobbying is Hot

There was once a time when climate change was about science. No longer.

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