Ark2030: No Pleasure Cruise Ships Please (Elitism in Action)

Take a week long cruise. Bring some books to beat ‘climate anxiety.’ Epstein, Koonin, Bryce, Lomborg, Smil, Morano …. all affordable and best sellers.”

Hyping Daily Maximum Temperatures (Part 1)

This is confusing, most unconventional, and in fact ridiculous.

Green Champion Jacinda Ardern Resigns as New Zealand PM

Jacinda Ardern, who once called public climate skepticism “weapons of war” from which people have to be protected, has resigned as Prime Minister of New Zealand.

The “Pollock Limit”

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Christopher Monckton recently put up a fascinating post entitled “The Final Nail in The Coffin Of “Renewable” Energy”. In it, he references the work of…

Wrong, Washington Post – History and Data Contradict Claims of Worsening ‘Atmospheric Rivers’

WaPo and much of climate science today is overly reliant on projections from computer models rather than looking at trends in historical and real-world data.

A Critical Examination of the Six Pillars of Climate Change Despair

most sciences converge on the truth, but the “settled science” of CC is all over the place

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