Do Gas Cook Stoves Cause Asthma?

Gas cooking stoves are blamed for children’s respiratory illnesses, like asthma, widely in the literature.  Almost none of the studies actually measure the exposure of the child to the putative…

Increased Atmospheric Dust Is Masking Greenhouse Gases’ Warming Effect

whether the amounts of desert particulates will increase, decrease or remain relatively flat is unknown.

The Climate Feedback Debate

Unless somebody has a better explanation, it seems likely that the IPCC needed to keep the 3.0°C ECS for political reasons and simply altered the various feedback parameters to suit.

Hookers and Private Jets – Meet the Green Davos Climate Saviours

Apparently some of the hookers are dressing down, so they can accompany executives and politicians without attracting too much attention.

They Touched Greta! Climate Activists Vow Huge Street Protests

In the wake of Greta being forcibly removed from a coal mine expansion protest in Germany, young activists have vowed to protest in the streets “in huge numbers”.

Parliamentary Inquiry – UK Green Jobs Narrative Unravelling

Politicians have moved to shore up public faith in their green investment / jobs narrative, by launching a parliamentary inquiry into why British electric vehicle manufacturing companies are faltering.

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