Unsettled: Climate and Science | Dr. Steven Koonin

how policymakers take summaries of summaries from these to justify their green agenda, despite what the reports actually suggest

Wrong, Media and COP-27, Africa Is Not De-Carbonizing, Oil Exploration Is Expanding

African countries appear to be going forward with new oil and gas projects, including pipeline infrastructure, to take advantage of the bounty of natural resources the continent is blessed with.

Urbanization Effects on GHCN Temperature Trends, Part I: The Urbanization Characteristics of the GHCN Stations

I’m convinced that there is spurious warming remaining in the GHCN-based temperature data. The only question is, how much?

British Volt Collapses into Administration

This whole saga is a reminder that you don’t create jobs through government diktat. Promises of hundreds of thousands of green jobs are simply a mirage.

Climate Czar John Kerry: ‘We planet saviors had extraterrestrial influence.’

Form the “holier than thou and ET just had a facepalm” department comes this unmitigated display of the egotistic, pompous, off-the rails climate belief system of John Kerry at the…

Daisy-Chained Uncertainties

What are daisy-chained probabilities? This type of scenario can be stated: “If this, and then this, and then if this then that.” The events have to take place in a…

Climate conundrum: Study finds ants aren’t altering behavior in rising temperatures

“It’s interesting that the worker ants we observed were willing to put themselves in uncomfortable situations while foraging,”

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