The Q­ueen Conch:  Endangered Species?

In the Bahamas, citizens can virtually harvest as many mature conch as they wish.  And, in actual practice, since juvenile conch have nearly as much meat as fully mature breeding-age…

The On-Going Case for Abandoning Homogenization of Australian Temperature Data

Australian’s are being misled by data-wranglers, climate-modelers and institutions they should be able to trust. Read on …   

Recent paper on W. Hudson Bay polar bears includes new official sea ice freeze-up data

In other words, body weight data–so critical to the argument that the health of WH polar bears is declining due to sea ice loss–is still being withheld.

Wrong, Washington Post, ‘Less Warming,’ Won’t Result in Greater Climate Disasters

Real world data shows that there has been no increase in drought, or heatwaves; no increase in flooding; no increase in tropical cyclones and hurricanes; no increase in winter storms; and no increase in thunderstorms or…

The Clean Energy Manufacturing Renaissance Falsehood

Clap hard people – every time you say “I don’t believe in renewables”, a Western solar manufacture company dies.

Study: The Tongan Eruption Might Cause a Breach of the 1.5C Global Warming Limit

… But we can’t consider it a Paris Agreement breach, because volcanic impacts on climate change are natural, not manmade.

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