Last 8 Years Were the Hottest on Record

“The good news story that could have been written based on the same facts – the same data – is that NOAA’s calculated Global Land and Ocean January-December Temperature Anomalies…

No, New Study Does Not Link Gas Stoves with Asthma in Children

The new study the Consumer Product Safety Commission wants to rely on to ban gas stoves is classic junk science.

Confessions of an Environmentalist

Just because you feel like you’re doing the right thing doesn’t mean you are.

The Global Emissions Experiment: A 33-Year Audit

How, then, have the excitable predictions of the profiteers of doom panned out during the 33-year experiment in ever-increasing emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases?

The Coming Future of Electric Vehicles: Something Here Does Not Add Up

So where is the surge in generation capacity to support a 30% or so additional need for electricity to electrify all cars?

The Australian Carbon Tax is Back

Carbon tax round 2 – After claiming in 2020 a carbon tax is no longer needed, Australia’s Prime Minister Albanese has decided to offer top emitters an “opportunity” to pay…

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