Green Energy Revolution? Oil Use Growing at a Million Barrels per Day Per Year

Other than the Covid lockdown dip, there is no evidence of a drop in demand for oil.

Duke Energy Apologises for Winter Storm Renewable Energy Failure, Rolling Blackouts

“… solar generation performed as expected but was not available to meet the peak demand since the peak occurred before sunrise. …”

Climate Divestment: Kentucky Boycotts Woke Anti-Fossil Fuel Banks

Will woke fossil fuel hating banks like BlackRock have to disclose the risk of being boycotted by GOP states on their SEC climate risk declarations?

Friday Funny: Paul Ehrlich Discredits the Peer Review Process

The poor should stay poor, to allow more for us. Hence the concept of “never-to-be-developed countries”

BANNED BY YOUTUBE – Climate Goals vs. Human Well-Being: A LIVE Discussion with Dr. Judith Curry

UPDATE: YouTube gave Heartland’s channel a “strike” for a video posted TWO YEARS AGO just 90 minutes before this show was going live. That made it so this could not…

Green EU: The Massive Gas Field Nobody will Touch

Fear of earthquakes is preventing Netherlands from pumping gas from a reservoir big enough to insulate Europe from the consequences of their green energy policy failure and Russian energy geopolitics.

You Wicked Planet Wrecking Coffee Drinker – Think of the Climate Impact!

The Green Ministry of Fun at the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi has scolded coffee drinkers for ignoring the climate impact of their beverage.

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