Questions Remain Over Met Office Claim That 2022 Was the U.K.’s Hottest Year on Record

In the meantime, it is full speed ahead with weather catastrophisation stories designed to promote the Net Zero political agenda.

Italy Plans an Energy U-Turn, A Comeback to Nuclear Power as Green Energies “Far from Sufficient”

Expect many countries to follow Italy’s course correction – except for Germany, which will obstinately cling to its wind and solar ideology to the very end even though a growing…

Get the Facts Straight, CNBC, Climate Change Is Not Harming Cambodia’s Crops

There is no evidence whatsoever that climate change is undermining Cambodian farmers abilities to pay back existing loans or forcing them to undertake new ones.

Big Tech Insiders Pushing Modular NUCLEAR Reactors for Data Centers

As green energy policies pushed by big tech destabilise the public grid, tech industry insiders are pushing onsite miniature nuclear reactors to insulate their businesses from blackouts.

Winter’s Risks Increased by Irrational Energy Policies

Consumers who once casually put their lives in the hands of large utilities have reason to feel less secure.

Exxon Threatens to Divert Investment Away from the EU over the Energy Windfall Tax

Life in the EU – If it moves, tax it, if it stops moving, subsidise it.

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