South African Energy Contractors Accused of Stealing Coal and Shipping it to Europe

How low will they go? Europe has been accused receiving stolen shipments of high quality coal from Africa, while they push Africa to embrace the useless renewables which have failed…

Now they’re coming for your garbage – NASA to track landfill methane emissions from space

From NASA JPL and the “looks like there will be a garbage limit in your future” department. NASA Sensors to Help Detect Methane Emitted by Landfills A nonprofit group, Carbon…

US Grid Needs Fossil Fuels, Not Wind

This destroys the idea that the wind is always blowing somewhere, and that all you have to do is distribute surplus power around the country in order to meet demand.

“… Government grants and loans and high diesel prices help make hydrogen competitive …”

I was so wrong – if every business gets a government grant, then everyone can take advantage of subsidised green hydrogen /sarc.

It is Time to Talk About “Capacity Factors”

Since the easy locations have already been “used up”, one can expect average natural capacity factors to decline over time… contrary to what Net-Zero plans assume

Omnibus Bill Trims President Biden’s Overseas Climate Funding Promise

The $1.7 trillion Omnibus government funding bill which just passed Congress omitted at least one extravagance.

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