ESG’s Perverse, Narrow, Fraudulent Ethical Principles

Failure of basic fiduciary duties to investors is just the tip of ESG fraud iceberg

DOE Offers $33 Million to Fund a Credible AI Fusion Proposal

So the DOE is offering money to AI researchers, in the hope that the magic of AI can help make the magic of nuclear fusion a reality.

The Great Buffalo Christmas Blizzard Of 2022!

Buffalo is now seeing one of its worst blizzards in recorded history, accompanied by power outages:

The 12 Days of Global Warming

As the rest of the world has to flee the onslaught of Mariah Carey. We have this classic from Minnesotans for Global Warming.

Being Disagreeable – At Christmas

It is increasingly difficult to articulate a sceptical perspective on catastrophic human-caused climate change and other such issues.

The Eco-Dictatorship Coming Your Way

But we may have to ask ourselves the question whether and to what extent we may be willing to accept some kind of eco-dictatorship (in the form of regulatory law)…

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