The Great Travel Reset: Bloomberg: ‘Air Travel a Luxury for Many’ – “Flying has moved upmarket’ – ‘Reduced social mobility’

Certain activities may have to be prohibited. That will easily become anything you enjoy, peasants.

Australia Rejects Forest Biomass

Australia’s reluctance to embrace woody biomass has led it to invest more heavily in zero-carbon renewable energy.

Japan Embraces Nuclear Power, Cancels Phase Out Plans

Nuclear power serves “an important role as a carbon-free baseload energy source in achieving supply stability and carbon neutrality”.

Yet Another “Plastic Kills” Story

“It is very unlikely that high concentrations of plastic pellets like the ones used in our study are found in environmental settings other than in some areas immediately after these…

Turtles Must Go North to Survive

If he had bothered to actually read this new report, he would have found out that the authors were not saying turtles would be forced north, rather that their range…

BOOK REVIEW: The Unpopular Truth about Electricity and the Future of Energy

“Their new book, The Unpopular Truth about Electricity and the Future of Energy, will give you the information you need to talk about this topic with a sense of authority…

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