Don’t Let “Green” Grinch Absurdities Steal Christmas

So, do not let the green police dampen your seasonal joy. The everlasting truths of the divine, as well as our holiday memories, will be present long after the grinches’…

UAH – What is Foretold

What is apparent is that the detrended temperature anomaly distribution is nearly symmetrical.

NSW Government Seizes Control of Coal Markets

More expropriation of Aussie fossil fuel assets. Hands up who wants to invest in the Aussie energy market?

Puerto Rico Greens Launch a RICO Lawsuit Against Big Oil

Big oil is accused of conspiring to deceive the public into thinking the current warming might not have been caused by Anthropogenic CO2.

On To The Great Future Of Offshore Wind Power

The climate cultists on the Climate Action Council think that they can just order this up, and then it will happen.

UK OFGEM Authorize Brown Outs

None of this would have been necessary if we were not shutting down so much of our firm capacity.

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