Data shows there’s no climate catastrophe looming – climatologist Dr J Christy debunks the narrative

Christy – who receives no funding from the fossil fuel industry – provides data-substantiated clarity on a host of issues, further refuting the climate crisis narrative.

Urban Night Lighting Observations Demonstrate The Land Surface Temperature Dataset is ‘not fit for purpose’

Rural data numerically dominate the USA archive, while urban data massively dominate almost everywhere else.

New York’s Climate Act Scoping Plan Process Template

I also predict that if the ideologues continue control the implementation process then  costs will sky rocket, that there will be a catastrophic blackout that causes death and destruction, and…

Policy Implications of The Energy Storage Conundrum

Unfortunately, our powers-that-be don’t seem to have those five minutes to figure out the obvious, so we’ll just have to bash them over the head with it.

How Michelin Covered Up Industrial Deforestation by its Indonesian Partner in “Eco-Friendly” Rubber Venture

The moral of the story is clear – don’t believe any business that tells you they are saving the planet; in most cases they are simply out to make money.

Climate Bedwetter Peter Kalmus Ejected from AGU

2 climate activists got kicked out of the world’s biggest Earth-science conference for protesting, and one says the association is ‘silencing scientists’

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