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Meghan and Harry: Private Jet Climate Hypocrites

Essay by Eric Worrall

Meghan and Harry’s Netflix self indulgent Netflix series about their alleged victimhood has mercifully concluded. But a lot of criticisms of their behaviour remain unanswered.

Take the events of summer 2019. In July, Harry put out a statement via on the Sussex Royal Instagram, saying “With nearly 7.7 billion people inhabiting this Earth, every choice, every footprint, every action makes a difference.” 

Later that month, Harry flew to Google Camp via private jet and helicopter, according to the Daily Mail, where he, per Page Six, gave a speech about climate change. Then in August, in the span of 11 days, he and Meghan took four more private jet flights, first to Ibiza and then to the South of France for holidays. 

Oh the exquisite irony when, in early September Harry pitched up in Amsterdam to launch a sustainable travel initiative called Travelyst.

That disconnect between his words and deeds has continued. One example: Harry and Meghan reportedly eschewed commercial flights when they headed to London for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in June this year, only for him to address the UN General Assembly the warned about the “havoc” of climate change. 

Harry & Meghan would have been the perfect opportunity for the 38-year-old to push back against the ‘Harry the hypocrite’ trope which crops up like clockwork every time they are caught by the paparazzi on the tarmac jetting about the place. 

But no, instead we are just more footage of them grinning madly at one another on a beach or a new biting claim about Fleet Street being chucked around.

Read more:

Ex Prince Harry made an effort in 2019 to explain why he is such a climate hypocrite – the private jets are needed for personal “security”. He didn’t explain why other users of private jets or passengers on ordinary commercial jets are not entitled to also prioritise their own personal security.

I was in two minds about whether to write this piece, when I think about Harry and Meghan, I see them as an über woke pustulence on the global psyche which refuses to go away. Maybe by writing about them I’m helping to keep their awful whining presence in the public gaze.

The only silver lining is their pantomime accusations of racism and bullying are such a distraction, the rest of the private jetset royals are giving us a break from their usual tiresome woke speeches about the alleged climate crisis.

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Steve Case
December 17, 2022 2:10 am

There are lots of issues that would benefit from Harry’s attention, “Climate Change” isn’t one of them.

On edit, that isn’t to say that “Climate Change” is worthy of anyone’s attention.

Last edited 3 months ago by Steve Case
Reply to  Steve Case
December 17, 2022 2:57 am

I blame the sanctimonious idiot formerly known as Prince for not instilling in the brat some perception of the real world. Mind you for a tree-hugging homeopathy twit who fuels his car with leftover wine and whey what do you expect.
Mostly we would make grappa and protein supplements from such stuff.

Rod Evans
Reply to  alastairgray29yahoocom
December 17, 2022 3:45 am

That proper Charlie formally known as Prince failed miserably is so many ways.
He even thinks Boaty McBoatface represents a sane observer of all things Climate Change.

Reply to  Rod Evans
December 17, 2022 5:58 am

Boaty McBoatface…

The Beeb can be so very….

Revealed: BBC arranged place on Strictly Come Dancing for Hamza Yassin to make him a household name ahead of him becoming the next David Attenborough

Strictly favourite Hamza Yassin is set to become the BBC’s next David Attenborough after the organisation got him a place on the dance show in a bid to make him into a household name.

The Daily Mail can reveal executives at the Beeb arranged this after learning how popular he was with children on his CBeebies rambling show, Let’s Go For A Walk.

The old sellout is 96, after all.

michael hart
Reply to  Steve Case
December 17, 2022 10:11 am

On balance, having them as ‘climate’ advocates probably harms that cause more than helps it.

As with that Swedish child lecturing world politicians about the subject, many people realise it is ridiculous. Who would want such people speaking on your behalf? I suspect many of the Tic Toc generation still know an idiot when they see one even if they’ve been made a celebrity idiot.

December 17, 2022 3:06 am

I did rather wonder about the wisdom of wasting time writing as much as you did about this pair Eric however, on second thoughts, someone needs to call them out.

Mr David Guy-Johnson
December 17, 2022 3:12 am

The only other Royal who pointedly mentioned climate change was Prince Charles as he then was. To slag them off for talking like the majority of the population do these days, is also rather harsh

Reply to  Mr David Guy-Johnson
December 17, 2022 9:32 am

It’s the abject HYPOCRISY of their climate change pontificating that’s at issue here, David.

Can’t you see that?

December 17, 2022 3:51 am

“when I think about Harry and Meghan,”

The grasping duchess has spent a grand total of 8 hours in Sussex. Harry is like Charles and Wills – a B in Art and a D in Geography

My advice? Ignore them, they’re damaged goods

Last edited 3 months ago by strativarius
Reply to  strativarius
December 17, 2022 5:45 am

Both were educated at Eton, a school of outstanding educational merit and with well motivated and talented teaching and support staff. How these dolts became such serial underachievers beggars belief

Reply to  alastairgray29yahoocom
December 17, 2022 6:01 am

You can drag a horse to water…. Not many people remember just how cack-handed a Navy Commander Charles was. Hopeless.

You can’t make the Royal family and it’s genetic heritage any smarter. Greed and opulence? Now, that’s more their thing.

Reply to  strativarius
December 17, 2022 4:51 pm


Last edited 3 months ago by ATheoK
Reply to  alastairgray29yahoocom
December 17, 2022 11:04 am

Most of the so called elite schools were hollowed out by woke/leftist philosophy many years ago. None of them aren’t worth the tuition costs anymore.

December 17, 2022 4:00 am

An adult man (pleb or aristo) without gainful employment is waste of space and unnecessary generator of damaging ‘carbon footprint’, if there is such thing.
Harry should have been retained in military as an officer, only thing he was even remotely ever good at.

Reply to  vuk
December 17, 2022 4:17 am


Ben Vorlich
Reply to  vuk
December 17, 2022 5:56 am

It’s doubtful he’d have made it to Captain without HRH

Elliot W
Reply to  vuk
December 17, 2022 5:44 pm

“Retained in the military”? Nah. Harry claims he was terrified when his brother shouted at him once! Obviously his great military career was a wee bit…cosseted.

Peta of Newark
December 17, 2022 4:16 am

One ‘steps out’ with actresses, ‘one’ does not marry them.

December 17, 2022 4:38 am

Looking for more hypocrisy? Remember that time Harry was reported taking someone else’s private jet cross country to play some polo? No one mentioned how he got his ponies to the event. I’m guessing that like most serious polo players he doesn’t borrow someone else’s horses to ride. He has his own and they are transported wherever he needs them.

December 17, 2022 5:13 am

Next up: Lifestyles of the Climate Rich

December 17, 2022 5:23 am

System hypocrisy, absolute moral bankruptcy, complete lack of self-awareness, congenital cognitive dissonance, perpetual selective moral outrage, inconceivably awful reasoning/logical capabilities, awful judges of character, Anti-American, Anti-Free Markets, and developmentally arrested in the pre-teen years pretty much defines today’s snowflake progressive,

Reply to  CO2isLife
December 17, 2022 5:40 am

“You know what scares me about you Stanley? You’re Serious.”
Yellowstone clip beautifully illustrates the hypocrisy of environmentalists

Be sure to pass that one on.

December 17, 2022 5:40 am

Seems almost like it was all scripted by a Spencer, doesn’t it?

December 17, 2022 6:07 am

I think the reason there are so many global warming hypocrites is surprisingly simple.

Deep down the royals, the Hollywood dimwits, the poorly educated liberal advocate journalists, the politicians obviously don’t actually care about global warming. Does anyone here actually believe that Charles III or that Prince Harry seriously ever studied the issue (or even read even a single scientific article or serious book on the topic)? They are no more qualified to be taken seriously on global warming than is the “how dare you” wunderkind Greta. They don’t really care about the issue and they probably don’t really understand the issue. Because they don’t really care about the issue they aren’t about to crimp their life style over it.

It is style. They want to be part of the high school “in-group.” They are virtue signaling. The cause is irrelevant.

As soon as it is no longer stylish to talk about global warming they will switch to something else.

It can only be hoped that the next great virtuous crusade is something harmless.

Reply to  Marty
December 19, 2022 6:05 am

Ginge the Whinge possibly falls into that category, but I don’t believe that Charles does. He has a long track record of environmentalism.

More Soylent Green!
December 17, 2022 6:40 am

Harry was born into the royal family. His mother was once among the most celebrated and admired women in the world. Harry is the living definition of a child of wealth and privilege. But Megan is the entitled one.

Self-centered is not the same as self-aware. I expect no less than complete hypocrisy from the likes of these two.

Reply to  More Soylent Green!
December 17, 2022 6:55 am

These two are just professional whiners…

Reply to  More Soylent Green!
December 17, 2022 10:14 pm

Who is Harry’s father? A royal? If not, neither mother nor father was a royal

More Soylent Green!
Reply to  sherro01
December 18, 2022 9:22 am

The now King Charles isn’t Harry’s father? His mother was not the Princess of Wales? (NOTE: Wales, not Whales.)

Reply to  More Soylent Green!
December 19, 2022 6:07 am

The mother isn’t in doubt. There has been speculation about the father…

December 17, 2022 7:35 am

The surviving European royalty is a meaningless affectation of long-gone power and prestige. They are no longer relevant and there is no valid reason for paying them any attention. Harry and Meghan are less important than similarly wealthy drones, including Princess Di. It’s odd that people develop a fixation on these types. It’s probably because the media are in a never-ending search for cheap material.

December 17, 2022 7:49 am

C’mon guys, Harry and Meghan are special people….they don’t have to provide carbon offsets for their jet travels…that would cost too much….there are lots of suckers out there who believe these two are saving the planet.

December 17, 2022 8:03 am

These two have thrown their little temper tantrum, and now most people just want them to go away. Their Netflex ratings are not good despite the hype of ‘revelations’. He is no longer royalty and has no political influence. She brings nothing to the table. Neither of them do anything notable, nor do they have any talents or skills.

They have nothing to offer, so any further attempts for headlines will generate no interest. There is no reason for any additional reportage on them. I suspect once Meghan realizes that she will move rapidly to make a divorce happen. Then she can stay in the limelight a little longer dishing out stories about how cruel/stupid/lazy/racist. or whatever, Harry was.

Last edited 3 months ago by jtom
Coeur de Lion
December 17, 2022 8:40 am

As a Sussex man and member of the Kipling Society, I’m a bit depressed by the title. As a Royalist {Ted Heath as President, eh?) I’m depressed by the decline in majesty. The Sussexes face a gloomy future I’m glad to say when the caravanserai moves on.

Tom Halla
December 17, 2022 9:09 am

They are at least a distraction from Hunter Biden.

Reply to  Tom Halla
December 17, 2022 12:14 pm

Where’s Prince Randy Andy? Does he not care about the climate?

Rich Davis
December 17, 2022 9:34 am

The instinct that maybe it would have been better to not write about them and keep them in the spotlight was a good one.

However the mistake of mentioning them is greatly mitigated by the most excellent phrase: “… über woke pustulence on the global psyche which refuses to go away”

December 17, 2022 9:56 am

The bigot, you say. They think that they can abort the baby, cannibalize her profit parts, sequester her carbon pollutants, and have her, too. Play with the double-edged scalpel, get scalped, maybe, time will tell.

Reply to  n.n
December 17, 2022 12:48 pm

Just askin what is the pigmentation of Harreghan’s brats?

More Soylent Green!
Reply to  alastairgray29yahoocom
December 18, 2022 9:24 am

3/4 Caucasian, innit?

Reply to  alastairgray29yahoocom
December 18, 2022 3:37 pm

Somewhere between chalk white and coal black. As for me, I am more interested in did they inherit their parents intelligence or were they able to do better.

Mark Whitney
December 17, 2022 10:09 am

“I see them as an über woke pustulence on the global psyche which refuses to go away.

What is the name for that stuff that gets stuck on the bottom of your boot that has to be cleaned off with a stick?

Reply to  Mark Whitney
December 17, 2022 4:57 pm


December 17, 2022 10:26 am

Meghan and Harry, what’s not to love.

Last edited 3 months ago by Ozonebust
Curious George
Reply to  Ozonebust
December 17, 2022 11:45 am

Everybody should love the folksy Duchess and her Duke.

December 17, 2022 4:17 pm

Elite folks with the calling need private jets to make the global community more aware of the dooming. It’s a tough thankless task but somebody has to do it for the little people and the 182 to go-

December 17, 2022 4:22 pm

Meghan and Harry’s Netflix”

Whatever possessed Netflix?

Harry and Meghan are privileged elites on parade. The longer they pose as entitled elites in the public eye, the more people will be angry about anti-modern civilization scams and nonsense.

Martin T
December 17, 2022 11:46 pm

Our old friend the Rev Spooner would have described this wretched duo as a pair of utter shining wits

December 18, 2022 12:57 pm

I read this and Mark Twains “The Prince and the Pauper” comes to mind. If only the royals and our leaders could spend sufficient time to see how the other half lives. If not that, how about Charles Dickens “A Christmas Carol”. By the way, if you own an Apple device, both are available as free downloads.

John Kelly
December 18, 2022 3:17 pm

They are currently probably the most pathetic couple on the planet. How anyone could take them seriously on any issue, but particularly climate change, is beyond me.

Pat from Kerbob
December 18, 2022 10:29 pm

Had enough of her

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