Germany’s Krupp Mannesmann Steel Mill “In Danger of Failing Due to Financing”, Green Energy Costs

If the plant were to be shuttered, production would likely be moved offshore to a location where energy is cheaper and environmental regulations lax.

Linnea Lukin, Exploring Energy: Biomass

Heartland’s Linnea Lueken breaks down the details behind this biomass as an energy source in the newest episode of Exploring Energy.

The Impossibility of Bridging The “Last 10%” On the Way To “100% Clean Electricity”

In other words, you will need about 35 times the capacity of solar panels as the amount of firm power that you are committed to provide.

Professor: Stop “Colonial” Agriculture, to Save Africa from Starvation and Climate Change

According to Professor William G. Moseley, if we balance the insects just right, Africans can live in happy little climate friendly agrarian villages rather than joining the modern world.

The “All-the-Above” Energy Policy Is a Compromise That Reverses Human and Environmental Progress

To summarize, all-the-above policy, while sounding beguilingly attractive, is an unhelpful concession to those hostile to fossil fuels

Green Raw Deal: Climate Fanatism Has Put Us Full Throttle On The Highway To Hell

This combination of a misguided energy policy and a war, which shows no sign of abating anytime soon, is a toxic mixture that may threaten all of us.

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