User Registration Required to Comment Now Enabled – Here’s How

As mentioned previously, today we are rolling out the code that will require getting a user account with WUWT, just like you do with dozens of other sites. The reason?

Through the years we have fought with some nefarious people hell-bent on disrupting this forum doing things like using fake email addresses, spoofing other identities to get past moderation, (in particular, one well-known climate troll from Oregon has been caught and warned dozens of times, and is banned), and then we have the “bots” – which are getting worse daily. A recent WUWT article noted this.

So, as of now, registering a user account with your email is required to be able to comment here. It’s easy, and not much different from when you place a comment now, where you put in a name/handle and email address.

The difference is this: that email address has to be real and working. Originally we thought we would be able to make everyone “grandfathered  in.” Unfortunately, that turned out not to be practical, so you’ll have to complete the simple registration process.

If you already have a username and password on the network for other sites, it may work here. You can try it before going through registration process. If it works, you’re done.

Here’s the steps:

  1. When an unregistered user tries to comment, instead of the normal comment box they will see a message requesting them to login.

2. Press Log in with username and password.

3. Click the register button if you have not yet registered.

NOTE: if you already have an account on chances are it will work here. You can try to login here with those credentials.

Or, you can click this button to get started:

4. Enter your details in the register form. You can keep the same handle/name you’ve used before, or create a new one.

Be sure to check the “I’m not a robot” box.

An email will be sent to the email you enter, you must click the link to complete registration.

Note some high security email systems are set to reject all emails with links, so the registration email might not even end up in your spam folder. For example .edu or .gov email systems are often set this way. If you have any difficulties getting that registration email, send an email to wattsup “at” and someone will assist you.

5. When you receive an email which looks like this screen below, click the “set your password” link to confirm your registration.

6. Click save password.

7. Now you are ready to log in as a registered user. Click the “Log in” link.

8. Now you can log in using the username and password you saved.

9. Log in takes you to your personal profile page. From the profile page, click “visit site” to return to the main WUWT website. Or if you wish, you can customize your profile page for choice of colors, avatar/picture and other things.

That’s all that is required. You should be able to comment just as you did before.

You can click this button to get started:


  1. Q: Do you have access to the password I just saved? A: No, we don’t and it is encrypted. Only you know your password.
  2. Q: What if I don’t get a registration email? A: Check your spam filter first. It may end up there. If you don’t receive that email within 15 minutes, you can email us for support here: wattsup “at” Please use the subject line: “Registration Help”
  3. Q: Will you sell my email to marketers? A: No.
  4. Q: Can I keep my old name/handle? A: Yes. You can keep the same handle/name you’ve used before, or create a new one.
  5. Q: I already have an account on WordPress, will it work here? A: Most likely, feel free to try it before registering. You can try to login here with those credentials.

Update – we have added a register button to the comment form.

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November 8, 2022 3:54 pm

It looks like it works fine if you already have an account on — just log in to your existing account. That’s what I did here.

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John Shewchuk
Reply to  Toby Nixon
November 8, 2022 4:12 pm

Me too.

Jeff Alberts
Reply to  John Shewchuk
November 8, 2022 5:20 pm


Reply to  Toby Nixon
November 8, 2022 5:21 pm


Timo- Not That One
Reply to  HiFast
November 15, 2022 11:30 am


Reply to  Toby Nixon
November 8, 2022 5:35 pm

Same. Works fine.

Reply to  Toby Nixon
November 8, 2022 8:52 pm

I had to create a new wordpress account. Guess I am in now!

John O'Connor
Reply to  Toby Nixon
November 9, 2022 1:58 am

Same here

Reply to  Toby Nixon
November 9, 2022 3:09 am

It was really, really scary having to click two button to get in the first time ! 😉

Reply to  Toby Nixon
November 9, 2022 4:56 am

Testing WordPress login…

Yup… Works!

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Writing Observer
Reply to  Toby Nixon
November 9, 2022 6:03 am


Reply to  Toby Nixon
November 9, 2022 6:57 am

Excellent, I wish many other things were so easy!!!

Russell Cook (@QuestionAGW)
Reply to  Toby Nixon
November 9, 2022 8:42 am

Cool. Works for me that way, too.

Reply to  Toby Nixon
November 11, 2022 6:22 am


Jay Willis
Reply to  Toby Nixon
November 20, 2022 5:59 am


Jeff Alberts
November 8, 2022 4:08 pm

Initially, I had no login prompt, and no comment box. Even after clearing cache, cookies, etc. But after a few more page refreshes, it finally appeared.

Rich Davis
Reply to  Jeff Alberts
November 8, 2022 4:21 pm

I had the same issue. I hope that people don’t give up. (Except for a couple I can think of)

Jeff Alberts
Reply to  Rich Davis
November 8, 2022 5:21 pm

Come on, Rich. Peta’s not that bad, as long as he/she/it stays away from the sugar and booze. 🙂

November 8, 2022 4:17 pm

On Firefox I didn’t see the login prompt at first, but was able to login via Chrome.

Now it seems to be working.

Tom in Florida
Reply to  Bellman
November 8, 2022 6:49 pm

Clear your trackers after using Chrome. Literally hundreds even if you visit only one site.

November 8, 2022 4:24 pm

Am I willybamboo now, instead of William Abbott? Easy Peasy, its like I’m already registered.

Reply to  willybamboo
November 17, 2022 1:52 pm

To change your displayed name, in your WordPress profile define a Nickname and then that can be selected from the drop-down options for the displayed name. And be sure to click “save profile” at the bottom of that page.

November 8, 2022 4:35 pm

all good

Old Mike
November 8, 2022 4:53 pm

No Problem

Punta Gorda
November 8, 2022 5:00 pm


If this had been an actual emergency, I would be out back having a beer.


Last edited 2 months ago by Punta Gorda
Reply to  Punta Gorda
November 8, 2022 7:55 pm


It’s bloody freezing out back where I am. If this had been a real emergency, I would be sitting exactly where I am currently sitting, drinking that which I am about to drink.

Social media have it that the British PM was hauled out of the climate conference by his aides, and they weren’t taking ‘no’ for an answer. WUWT?

November 8, 2022 5:04 pm

Well, it appears I no longer need to be That ENSO Guy.

Thanks, Anthony


E. Schaffer
Reply to  Bob Tisdale
November 9, 2022 11:40 am

How did you link that website to your name?

Gilbert K. Arnold
November 8, 2022 5:11 pm

just finished the registration — easy peasy

Reply to  Gilbert K. Arnold
November 9, 2022 8:10 am


November 8, 2022 5:24 pm

None of the above worked for me! Eventually had to access the Word Press website and register from there.

I use Ubuntu Linux with the Vivaldi web browser along with a secure email provider.

David Kamakaris
November 8, 2022 5:48 pm

Easy peasy!

Luke B
Reply to  David Kamakaris
November 8, 2022 8:05 pm

Yeah, it didn’t seem super hard. (Though I am sure that there will be exceptions.)

November 8, 2022 5:59 pm

I had trouble as I must have of had an old WordPress account linked to some where .
Took me 40 minutes but I got through the barb wire .

E. Schaffer
November 8, 2022 6:02 pm

Done. Just wonder how to link your website with the user name..

E. Schaffer
Reply to  E. Schaffer
November 8, 2022 9:14 pm


Reply to  E. Schaffer
November 9, 2022 5:05 pm

If you log in on, you can edit your profile, including the web link.

E. Schaffer
Reply to  Toby Nixon
November 9, 2022 7:42 pm

I can edit my profile without wordpress, but it is not showing the link. And I would like to avoid my wordpress account.

Dave Burton
November 8, 2022 6:21 pm

BRAVO! Oregon troll begone!!

Login worked fine for me. (I already have a WordPress account.)

Tom in Florida
November 8, 2022 6:48 pm

Easy registration.

Tom in Florida
Reply to  Tom in Florida
November 8, 2022 6:50 pm

Hey, I don’t have to type in my email every time. Nice.

November 8, 2022 7:16 pm

Your log in isn’t going to be permanent as you will get logged out on occasion as it has been for me over the years just log back in and you will be fine.

November 8, 2022 8:13 pm

Easy to get registered. Thank you Anthony.

Alexy Scherbakoff
November 8, 2022 8:21 pm


November 8, 2022 8:29 pm

Success! Long live WUWT.

November 8, 2022 10:04 pm

I already had a WordPress account, but I used the same email and it gave me a new account. I didn’t make many comments with my other name, so it should’nt matter.
Like man made climate change. As long as we have the cleanest air and China keeps billowing out their disgusting pollutants, the western world wont make it any cleaner, to make a difference, even if we all turn down our thermastats and put on a sweater.

Jeroen B.
November 9, 2022 12:18 am

Registered & ready! Hoping I can contribute a little to the discussions!

November 9, 2022 12:44 am

Test! Did it from my phone sitting in the big truck in a shippers lot in Newaygo, MI.

Richard Greene
November 9, 2022 1:26 am

test comment
Reply to  Richard Greene
November 9, 2022 1:27 am

My test comment logging in through WordPress showed my eMail address. I had to go to WordPress and change my profile to my name, Richard Greene.

Last edited 2 months ago by Richard Greene
November 9, 2022 1:26 am

Testing, testing….just logged into my WordPress account and all fine

Neil Lock
November 9, 2022 1:27 am

Well, it has worked now, but I had a problem with my first login – it told me the username and password were both blank, when they weren’t.

Reply to  Neil Lock
November 9, 2022 8:34 pm

I had that at first too. Also when setting up password the reply email with the key went to spam.

Javier Vinós
November 9, 2022 2:02 am

No problem at all. If you frequent the site and comment from time to time it is absurd to stop doing it because it requires registration.

What I see is that personal websites linked to the name are no longer supported.

Last edited 2 months ago by Javier Vinós
November 9, 2022 3:13 am

I logged in OK via Not a particularly user-friendly dialogue, but at least it worked on my Linux/Firefox laptop. It didn’t work on my Apple IOS/Safari iPhone, though. I tried twice, and got the same message each time, except that it was in English the first time and French the second time:

Navigateur non pris en charge

Malheureusement, cette page ne fonctionne pas correctement sur votre navigateur.

That’s a nuisance, because it means that I now won’t be able to comment on WUWT using the iPhone, which I typically do when I’m away from home. Not even in French.

November 9, 2022 3:34 am

I’m in…

Mark BLR
November 9, 2022 3:36 am

If you already have a username and password on the network for other sites, it may work here.

Up until half an hour ago I didn’t have a WordPress account, some comments which might help other people follow.

– – – – –

On the WordPress ( website

Following the “Log in” link then the “Log in with” led to a webpage with a “Create a new account” option (just) under the standard login boxes.

After jumping through the hoops (enter password, copy link from confirmation E-mail, …) I had a WordPress profile to edit.

In “Profile”, I changed “Public display name” (from “markblr”) to my old “Mark BLR” moniker.

In “Notification Settings”, I disabled a bunch of options under the “Comments” and “Updates” tabs.

I must be getting old … it took me a good 30 seconds or so to spot the “Log out” button is in the frame on the left (under the “photo” placement) …

– – – – –

Back to WUWT (

Returning to this WUWT article, click on the “Log in” link again, enter my WordPress(.com) account details … and note that it mentions “Jetpack” and “Pressable” in passing … and I’m logged in to WUWT !

NB : Clicking on the friendly “Howdy, Mark BLR” in the top-right corner of this webpage gives me a separate, WUWT specific (!?), “Edit profile” option.
Although I do not have a website myself, there is a “Your website” box there that other people may find duplicates (precisely, in all details ???) the original WUWT login’s equivalent …

– – – – –

It’s too early to see just how much (if any …) spam my new WordPress account will “press” into my E-mail inbox in the months and years ahead, but so far so good.

PS : At least the “Edit” function still works.

My setup is Linux / Pale Moon. I have just noticed that other configurations may not “play nice” with the new software.
Hopefully any “bugs” will be stomped on over time without messing up configurations that work today.

Last edited 2 months ago by Mark BLR
Mark BLR
Reply to  Mark BLR
November 10, 2022 10:39 am

Test comment …

It appears some HTML tags get “lost” after a few hours, e.g. underlined text and bold text.

OK during composition and just after posting, “stripped” from the post a few hours later … effect TBC …

Mark BLR
Reply to  Mark BLR
November 12, 2022 10:07 am

Test 2

Do I lose “formatting” if I ***edit*** the comment ???

Line in bold (“B” button).

Line in italics (“slanted I” button).

Underlined line (“U” button).

Line struck through (“barred S” button).

Last edited 2 months ago by Mark BLR
Mark BLR
Reply to  Mark BLR
November 12, 2022 10:13 am

It looks like only “u” HTML tags are removed if I “Edit then re-save” a comment.

Apparently unaffected if I get it right the first time …

Mark BLR
Reply to  Mark BLR
November 14, 2022 2:46 am

Test 2.1

Original only : Text underlined (using the “U” button) in the original draft.

Edited only : “Plain” text in original, then underlined in the “edit phase”.

Undo, Redo : Text underlined in the original, then removed and readded in the “edit phase” …

Edit 1 : Lines 1 and 3 were underlined on screen after hitting the “Post Comment” button.

– – – –

Edit 2 : All three lines appeared underlined on screen after hitting the “Save” button.

“Log out” … and the entire comment had vanished (sent for “manual moderation ???) …

“Log in” again, comment reappears … with zero (!) lines underlined (but bold text still intact) …

Last edited 2 months ago by Mark BLR
Mark BLR
Reply to  Mark BLR
November 19, 2022 3:41 am

Since yesterday (18/11/2022) I cannot login via WordPress using my preferred “main browser” (Pale Moon), after working flawlessly up until Thursday.

I just get a grey screen with a WordPress logo in the middle (no “Login” box or error message, just the logo).

As you can see I can login using my “backup” browser (Firefox), so I do not understand the “The [Wordpress] password does not match the ‘Mark BLR’ username” error message I get with Pale Moon.

I’ve cleared both cookies and cache in Pale Moon a few times, the problem persists …

It looks like an issue with the interaction between the WUWT website and the WordPress “login verification” procedure, and whatever “dance” occurs between cookies during that phase. TBC.

– – – – –

If I keep getting “errors” trying with Pale Moon, your system may think someone is trying to “hack” my account.

You have an active E-mail address to check if that happens …

Mark BLR
Reply to  Mark BLR
November 19, 2022 4:11 am


The problem appears to be at the WordPress end.

I can login with Firefox, but with Pale Moon I cannot activate the “Enter address or username” box.

For the WUWT website this appears to result in a “password incorrect” message being returned by WordPress for the user “Mark BLR” … but only with Pale Moon, not with Firefox !?!

NB : I repeat, Pale Moon worked OK up to Thursday but doesn’t work now.

I cannot see a “Contact us” option when I “login” directly at WordPress.
Do you have any “inside contacts” to signal this issue with them, and see if they “tweaked their HTML code” on Thursday (evening) or Friday ?

November 9, 2022 3:50 am

This should make moderation a lot easier – and hopefully a lot faster!

Unless the rules have changed on links etc…

Actually, now that the site has registered users – with accounts that can be controlled – I would argue a revision of some moderation rules is in order.

Last edited 2 months ago by strativarius
November 9, 2022 4:13 am

WordPress is a pain in the arse!

Jeff Alberts
Reply to  HotScot
November 9, 2022 9:04 am

It can be. I run two WP sites, and have had a WP login well before that. So it wasn’t too bad.

November 9, 2022 4:28 am


November 9, 2022 5:42 am

Just checking

November 9, 2022 6:10 am


November 9, 2022 6:26 am

Worked fine on Firefox and have already commented on another thread.
If I can do it everyone can.

November 9, 2022 6:29 am

Check-test … check test.

Gunga Din
November 9, 2022 6:32 am

No problem here.
PS I use a “password manager” and had to enter the info manually.

Gunga Din
Reply to  Gunga Din
November 9, 2022 7:30 am

I spoke to soon.
My password manager will offer to supply my login info based on the site I’ve opened.
I registered on the “Test” page so that is part of the site address that triggers the password manager.

Mods, if others are also experiencing this, might I suggest adding a “login” on WUWT’s home page (title bar?) so the trigger address would remain the same?

Last edited 2 months ago by Gunga Din
Reply to  Gunga Din
November 9, 2022 9:06 am

I see an icon on upper right corner for editing profile and logging in or out. When you go to your profile, there should be an option to change password.

Last edited 2 months ago by beng135
Gunga Din
Reply to  beng135
November 9, 2022 2:17 pm

I only see that after logging in via “Test” and scrolling down to the “login” at the beginning of the comment section.
(I don’t have a WordPress account. If you do then maybe that’s why you see it when you first go to WUWT and I don’t?)
If there was a “login” at the top of the home page then I could edit the site address in my password manager.
But, again, if I’m the only one having this issue then I’ll keep going to “Test” to login to comment.

Last edited 2 months ago by Gunga Din
Gunga Din
Reply to  Gunga Din
November 9, 2022 2:34 pm

To clarify, the issue isn’t that I can’t login or type in my password when I want to comment, it’s losing the convenience of being able to use my password manager on the site.
(That might matter to some.)

Gunga Din
Reply to  Gunga Din
November 17, 2022 7:15 am

My password manager started working!
I didn’t do anything special but it did do an update.
Maybe that’s what fixed it?

November 9, 2022 7:14 am

2 minute process

Michael C. Roberts
November 9, 2022 7:24 am

Anthony and moderators – Apparently it has worked, and I’m able to comment. No problemo, compadres! Keep up the great work – without this site (and a few others I haunt) I would have no reason to be online. Sifting through the chaff to get to the grain is a tedious task at times, but never here.

Thanks for everything you all do to keep this site what it has been – and apparently will continue to be.

Here we go….



November 9, 2022 7:52 am

Worked using my regular wordpress account.

Doug S
November 9, 2022 8:06 am

test comment

Last edited 2 months ago by Doug S
November 9, 2022 8:08 am

Registered, not that I comment all that much. Too busy reading all the great content and commments.

Ron Clutz
November 9, 2022 8:13 am

Yea. WordPress works for login

November 9, 2022 8:26 am

Testing to see if my login was successful.

November 9, 2022 8:38 am


November 9, 2022 8:57 am

Worked fine after I retrieved the confirmation email from the spam folder.

November 9, 2022 9:11 am


Amos E. Stone
November 9, 2022 10:09 am

Still rollin’! Thanks for all the hard work you do.

Climate Heretic
November 9, 2022 12:07 pm

Testing the system. Failed attempt with first password used. WordPress login. Reset password. Second attempt went to WUWT used login and success.

Climate Heretic

Paul C
November 9, 2022 12:33 pm

Seems like a pretty painless process, and the benefits are obvious.
November 9, 2022 1:47 pm

I hope I didn’t just reset my WordPress password

Reply to
November 9, 2022 5:20 pm

If you have WordPress sites, it doesn’t affect your admin passwords to be able to edit those sites.

November 9, 2022 1:52 pm

Logged in as with my WordPress account as gunsmithkat, but I normally comment under JimK as my handle. Seems to work.

joe x
November 9, 2022 2:27 pm


November 9, 2022 2:33 pm

Got my GoatGuy back after years of it being fallow.

Nick Stokes
November 9, 2022 4:10 pm

Registration was no problem. But I’m finding now that pages load much more slowly.

Eamon Butler
November 9, 2022 5:30 pm

I think that went fine.

November 9, 2022 5:43 pm

Seems to work!

John Mauer
November 9, 2022 6:10 pm

Good Morning

Ian Bryce
November 9, 2022 6:22 pm

worked ok after stuffing around for 30 mins

November 9, 2022 7:37 pm

Good to go! Same wordpress blahblah I usually have to do once a week or so.

November 10, 2022 5:23 am

I created an account and just logged in.

November 10, 2022 7:52 am

All this time and I never knew that someone else was regularly using the same handle as I was. That was a mess to sort out but I guess nobody will mix us up anymore.

November 10, 2022 9:26 am

Works as advertised.

November 10, 2022 10:13 am

Thank you

Hans Erren
November 10, 2022 10:19 am

Thank you, very easy to register.
(Edit: editing option is a great improvement!)

Last edited 2 months ago by Hans Erren
November 10, 2022 1:35 pm

New to wordpress. Just checking if my comments work

November 10, 2022 2:07 pm

Testing. Edit function works fine!

Last edited 2 months ago by KAT
Mike O'Ceirin
November 10, 2022 3:00 pm

Obviously I have become registered even though I am a long-term user and have published articles on your site. I have no problem with having to do this but verifying the validity of uses is very difficult. Unfortunately it is still possible for you to acquire uses who don’t have a valid email address I won’t go into how. If you run a blog which I did once checking the running of the blog can be quite onerous. Mainly because of nefarious users who seek to cause disruption.

Reply to  Mike O'Ceirin
November 20, 2022 5:28 am

Agreed. Anyone with a bot or spam farm already has an email farm ro create infinite fake registrations.

Joe Shaw
November 10, 2022 3:23 pm

Test comment. Very simple process. It took me about 75 sec total to register.

Frederick Michael
November 10, 2022 7:46 pm


November 10, 2022 8:05 pm

As usual with these things I had lots of trouble with registration. Computers just don’t respect me. Still, I am in now.

November 11, 2022 7:35 am

Tested and works fine

November 11, 2022 9:47 am

Testing 1, 2, 3

November 11, 2022 10:43 am

Thanks Anthony!

November 11, 2022 11:18 am

Well that was fun—not. WP sux rox.

November 11, 2022 11:39 am

It worked!

James Bull
November 11, 2022 12:51 pm

Worked OK for me and I’m notorious for killing or breaking tech stuff.
All I have to do now is remember another password!!!!!

James Bull

November 11, 2022 2:12 pm

OK, this is a test.

Bill Parsons
November 11, 2022 11:16 pm


November 12, 2022 11:40 am


Ken Finney
November 13, 2022 3:54 pm


November 14, 2022 6:20 am

Hey, it works.

Philip Peake
November 14, 2022 8:14 am

I used to have a WordPress login – turned out to be more trouble than it was worth, so deleted it (as much as you can delete anything with WordPress).

Oh well, new account created.

Punta Gorda
November 14, 2022 5:56 pm

Yay. My phone remembered my credentials 🙂

Reply to  Punta Gorda
November 14, 2022 7:03 pm


matutinal procyonlotor
November 15, 2022 6:23 am

very under-estimated talent. Has a paper available on kindle translated from Japanese that is excellent. He is not willing to wade into the US personal destruction swamp that comes with a visible stance on climate change (who can blame him) and just want’s a audience of scientists of good will and open mind.

Javier Vinós
November 16, 2022 7:02 am

It sure works. The number of comments has dropped significantly on the posts over the last few days. I am sure the moderators are thankful for the work reduction. Let’s see what happens when Lord Monckton posts his monthly article on the new pause.

Ale Cop
November 16, 2022 9:40 am

Tenía cuenta en y funcionó a la perfección

November 18, 2022 6:53 am


November 20, 2022 5:11 am

A login will not achieve the stated goal. Bots and spam have valid untraceable email addresses to bypass security. New bot domains come online faster than you can block them.

Registration will reduce bots and spam temporarily, but they will quickly evolve to supply a registration login.

Last edited 2 months ago by ferdberple
Jay Willis
November 20, 2022 6:01 am

Done test

November 20, 2022 10:57 am

Test…I am not a robot. Although I do robotic things every day. Now to remember the new password.

November 20, 2022 4:01 pm

Thank you much! I like it when trollbots stay under their network bridges.

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