Britain Joins Australia’s Call for Bigger Climate Change Payouts

Is Prime Minister Flip-Flop planning £60 billion of tax rises and spending cuts so he can provide large “climate pledge” payouts to foreigners?

Deep Green Western Australian Government Considering Diesel Generators to Keep the Lights On

“… There was a lukewarm response from the market to supply extra capacity …”

Outside the Black Box: Back to Basics

For the anthropogenic part it’s pretty clear: with a growth to a maximum CO2-level of 560 ppm, even under a realistic ‘business as usual’ scenario [11], there is certainly no…

UN: $2 Trillion Per Year Required for Climate Development

“… about 70% of that needs to come from the private sector…”

Tokyo Mean October Mean Temperature Has Been Falling for Decades

This October, according to the (untampered) data from the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA), the mean temperature in Tokyo came in at 17.2°C, making it it one of the coolest over…

Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup #527

“[W]e compare the result of [a theory’s] computation to nature…[and] compare it directly with observations, to see if it works. If it disagrees with experiment, it is wrong. In that…

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