Massachusetts’ 1,200 MW Offshore Wind Project ‘no longer viable’ (rough waters ahead?)

It’s a perfect storm that might just overcome the taxpayer largesse of the federal subsidies (DOE and IRS) and rate averaging for captive ratepayers. With offshore wind experimental and extra-uneconomic,…

Washington Post: “Countries vowed to ramp up climate pledges in 2022. Very few have”

UN Secretary General António Guterres sad face – COP27 has become a zombie climate conference, photo opportunities but no genuine action.

Australian Government to Ban All Future Fossil Fuel Projects?

As ordinary Australians reel from skyrocketing energy prices, and our electricity network hovers on the brink of collapse, the Australian Government is moving to block future coal and gas projects.

Britain Missed a £260 Million Climate Finance Payment Deadline

No wonder he didn’t want to attend – the first thing Prime Minister Flip-Flop could face when he arrives in Sharm El-Sheikh will be a demand for overdue payment.

LIVE AT NOON CDT TODAY: COP27 and the “cop out” of nations

It’s no secret that people across the globe are dealing with an energy shortage. The convenient excuse has been to blame Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which is a factor, but…

Gas Furnaces and Big Brother Revisited

The fantasy, the shared narrative, is that replacing natural gas with electricity addresses the ‘climate crisis’ …

Scotland In the Little Ice Age

Talking of glaciers, this BBC report from eight years ago was a bit more balanced.

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