Renewable Energy Horror: British People Preparing for a Winter without Heating

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s sabotage of cheaper gas, by immediately re-imposing the fracking ban upon assuming office, in my opinion demonstrates a callous indifference to the suffering of ordinary Britons.

Climate Physics w/ Professor William Happer on Saifedean Ammous’s THE BITCOIN STANDARD Podcast.

How does politicization affect science, and why does Professor Happer think that the more policy-driven a field is, the less trustworthy its conclusions are?

Amnesty International Condemns Prosecution of Ambulance Blocking Climate Protestors

In my opinion Amnesty International have just blown up their credibility, by objecting to the prosecution of climate protestors who block ambulances.

The World is Transitioning to Fossil Fuels

Many Western leaders are not ready to admit that this is a misery self-inflicted by their green-energy obsession that compromised the supply of fossil fuels.

NYC Hates Its Middle-Class Homeowners

Further, if hundreds of NYC buildings were to suddenly depend on electric heat, I have no faith in the city grid to rise to that level of demand.

Modelers/ Forecasters Can’t Even Agree on Europe’s Upcoming Winter

Ironically, it is said that scientists all agree on the long-term climate forecast, yet, they can’t even agree on what lies ahead for the next few months.

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