CHECC Brief Challenging CO2 Endangerment Finding Now Publicly Available

When you take a look at the brief, you will see that we are directly and openly challenging the fake science of predicted catastrophic human-caused global warming from GHGs.

WMO: “More bad news for the planet: greenhouse gas levels hit new highs”

Clearly the net zero push to date has been a complete failure. But the green focus on renewables made this inevitable.

America’s Energy Crisis is Mostly US Democrats’ Fault

America’s energy crisis could have been largely prevented if Democrats used their control of Congress since 2019 to liberate oil and gas investment, production, and transport instead of sabotaging them.

Flop 27: UN Climate Summit Heading for Geopolitical Hurricane – Ukraine War Has Set the Stage for Backsliding

Now is our time to develop and monetize our resources, and developed countries should understand.

National Grid warns Britons of blackouts on ‘really cold’ evenings

WUWT recently reported how Conservative Party rebels sabotaged Liz Truss’ attempt to increase domestic gas availability by allowing fracking. Britain might be about to pay the price.

British Government Grants Itself New Powers to Cap Renewable Energy Profits

Are renewable energy investors in Britain about to experience financial hardship, like Spanish investors in 2010?

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