IPCC: We Call Your Bluff (COP 27 alarmism in the air)

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By Robert Bradley Jr. — October 17, 2022

“Any further delay in concerted global action will miss a brief and rapidly closing window to secure a liveable future,” said Hans-Otto Pörtner. (IPCC, below)

… government (coercive) mitigation policy is being left behind by self-interested energy actions around the world. Wind and solar and batteries … are running into limits. A new public policy era post-COP27 is called for. (RLB, below)

The UN Conference of Parties to be held in Cairo, Egypt, next month (COP27) has long been in preparation. Net Zero may be a dead he/she walking (Halloween fright?), but expect no backtracking from the Church of Climate. “Don’t Look Up” … IPCC reports … ExxonKnew … it is a one-after-the-other global media campaign to not focus on the Green Energy Crises or the tripartite fossil-fuel boom but on … Net Zero.

I was reminded of this upon reading an IPCC press release earlier this year announcing a new IPCC report, which followed another dire IPCC report a few months earlier. Do-or-die Deja vu all over again….

The February 28, 2022, press release follows:

Climate change: a threat to human wellbeing and health of the planet. Taking action now can secure our future

BERLIN, Feb 28 – Human-induced climate change is causing dangerous and widespread disruption in nature and affecting the lives of billions of people around the world, despite efforts to reduce the risks. People and ecosystems least able to cope are being hardest hit, said scientists in the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, released today.
“This report is a dire warning about the consequences of inaction,” said Hoesung Lee, Chair of the IPCC. “It shows that climate change is a grave and mounting threat to our wellbeing and a healthy planet. Our actions today will shape how people adapt and nature responds to increasing climate

The world faces unavoidable multiple climate hazards over the next two decades with global warming of 1.5°C (2.7°F). Even temporarily exceeding this warming level will result in additional severe impacts, some of which will be irreversible. Risks for society will increase, including to infrastructure and low-lying coastal settlements.

The Summary for Policymakers of the IPCC Working Group II report, Climate Change 2022: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability was approved on Sunday, February 27 2022, by 195 member governments of the IPCC, through a virtual approval session that was held over two weeks starting on February 14.

Urgent action required to deal with increasing risks Increased heatwaves, droughts and floods are already exceeding plants’ and animals’ tolerance thresholds, driving mass mortalities in species such as trees and corals. These weather extremes are occurring simultaneously, causing cascading impacts that are increasingly difficult to manage.

They have exposed millions of people to acute food and water insecurity, especially in Africa, Asia, Central and South America, on Small Islands and in the Arctic.

To avoid mounting loss of life, biodiversity and infrastructure, ambitious, accelerated action is required to adapt to climate change, at the same time as making rapid, deep cuts in greenhouse gas emissions. So far, progress on adaptation is uneven and there are increasing gaps between action taken and what is needed to deal with the increasing risks, the new report finds. These gaps are largest among lower-income populations.
The Working Group II report is the second installment of the IPCC’s Sixth Assessment Report (AR6), which will be completed this year.

“This report recognizes the interdependence of climate, biodiversity and people and integrates natural, social and economic sciences more strongly than earlier IPCC assessments,” said Hoesung Lee. “It emphasizes the urgency of immediate and more ambitious action to address climate risks. Half measures are no longer an option.”

Safeguarding and strengthening nature is key to securing a liveable future There are options to adapt to a changing climate. This report provides new insights into nature’s potential not only to reduce climate risks but also to improve people’s lives.

“Healthy ecosystems are more resilient to climate change and provide life-critical services such as food and clean water”, said IPCC Working Group II Co-Chair Hans-Otto Pörtner. “By restoring degraded ecosystems and effectively and equitably conserving 30 to 50 per cent of Earth’s land, freshwater and ocean habitats, society can benefit from nature’s capacity to absorb and store carbon, and we can accelerate progress towards sustainable development, but adequate finance and political support are essential.”

Scientists point out that climate change interacts with global trends such as unsustainable use of natural resources, growing urbanization, social inequalities, losses and damages from extreme events and a pandemic, jeopardizing future development.

“Our assessment clearly shows that tackling all these different challenges involves everyone – governments, the private sector, civil society – working together to prioritize risk reduction, as well as equity and justice, in decision-making and investment,” said IPCC Working Group II Co-Chair Debra Roberts. “In this way, different interests, values and world views can be reconciled. By bringing together scientific and technological know-how as well as Indigenous and local knowledge, solutions will be more effective. Failure to achieve climate resilient and sustainable development will result in a suboptimal future for people and nature.” ….

Final Comment

The climate charge of market failure and government correction is a siren song. In the real world, market failure reflects analytic failure (climate exaggeration) and government failure (political problems).

The best climate policy is no government policy, do no harm. Market adaptation, free market style, is the easy choice that should have been made decades ago. Wealth is health, after all, and civil society can address real problems rather than distant, hypothetical ones.

Today, more than ever, government (coercive) mitigation policy is being left behind by self-interested energy actions around the world. Wind and solar and batteries, never environmentally kosher, are running into limits. A new public policy era post-COP27 is called for.

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Steve Case
October 18, 2022 10:26 am

In the future, fossil fuels will become a scarce commodity. One obvious replacement is nuclear. Embracing nuclear now would push that date of certain scarcity out, but the Green Mob doesn’t consider any such thing. One has to wonder why.

Richard Page
Reply to  Steve Case
October 18, 2022 11:38 am

The ‘replacement’ renewables all use minerals that are far scarcer than hydrocarbon fuels and, yet, are being pushed as a replacement for them. Hydrocarbons are not scarce, despite repeated scare stories since the 60’s of ‘peak oil’; we have barely scratched the surface of deposits available, limiting ourselves to those easily accessible on land and in shallow waters. Future exploitation of hydrocarbons will, as markets and technology develop, extend to the less accessible deposits and push the ‘date of scarcity’ even further ahead. Nuclear, although very convenient for many uses, is unlikely to totally replace hydrocarbons, especially in the near future. We need hydrocarbon fuels now as well as developing nuclear capability – there are no viable alternatives. The green mentality is self destructive and misanthropic, and the IPCC/WEF/UN jumping on the bandwagon as a means of serving their own (somewhat different) interests are playing a very dangerous game with our very future.

Steve Case
Reply to  Richard Page
October 18, 2022 3:47 pm

Nuclear for electricity & some electric cars, natural gas for heat, hot water etc. Oil for aviation & transportation, coal for synthetic fuels and organic feed stock. Relying on government edict to tell how that mix will actually play out would be stupid.

Reply to  Steve Case
October 21, 2022 12:39 am

In the past decade or so each changing government has talked in earnest about Australia’s need for a mix in energy. How odd that they have settled on a ‘mix’ of wind and solar, with backup. That’s it.

Reply to  Steve Case
October 18, 2022 5:20 pm

Just in the mountains near where I live, East coast Australia, they have 300 years of known coal reserves. So scarcity…mmmm, no.

Reply to  Surrr
October 19, 2022 9:45 am

There’s still plenty of relatively high-sulfur coal in the east US. Fluidized-bed coal plants mixing limestone in the bed can remove the sulfur (as calcium sulfate) without needing the typical, massive wet de-sulfurization structures. But further improvement/research on fluidized-bed coal boilers was stopped.

Reply to  Surrr
October 19, 2022 10:01 am

Still alot of relatively high-sulfur coal in the east US. Fluidized-bed coal boilers w/added limestone into the bed can renove the sulfur as calcium sulfate without the use of the usual huge, wet-desulfurization structures. But research/improvement on this type of coal boiler has been stopped for decades.

Reply to  beng135
October 21, 2022 12:42 am

We have high quality coal here in NSW Australia. Metallurgical grade coal. We send it to China to make solar panels. So much for being energy independent.

CD in Wisconsin
October 18, 2022 10:35 am

“Any further delay in concerted global action will miss a brief and rapidly closing window to secure a [livable] future,” said Hans-Otto Pörtner. (IPCC, below)”

For how long has this “window” been closing now? Seems like it’s been years.

Reply to  CD in Wisconsin
October 18, 2022 10:58 am

Apparently, this is the next last chance, better take it, there won’t be another for a couple years. Same crapp different day.

Reply to  Philip
October 18, 2022 10:09 pm

I think it’s currently the next best bestest last chance evahhhh

Until the next one

Reply to  CD in Wisconsin
October 18, 2022 11:26 am

It started closing sometime in either the 60’s or 70’s.

Robert Wager
Reply to  CD in Wisconsin
October 18, 2022 12:08 pm


Reply to  CD in Wisconsin
October 18, 2022 12:37 pm

Sounds like we are approaching a tipping point. Again.

Paul Hurley (aka PaulH)
Reply to  Retired_Engineer_Jim
October 18, 2022 1:06 pm

What happens when a closing window meets a tipping point?

CD in Wisconsin
Reply to  Paul Hurley (aka PaulH)
October 18, 2022 2:00 pm

The world comes to an end.

Clyde Spencer
Reply to  Paul Hurley (aka PaulH)
October 18, 2022 7:00 pm

If we judge by history, nothing!

AGW is Not Science
Reply to  Paul Hurley (aka PaulH)
October 19, 2022 4:08 am

Nothing. Just like all the other times.

Dave Fair
Reply to  Retired_Engineer_Jim
October 18, 2022 9:20 pm

The continental U.S. tips to the West and everything loose rolls into California.

Reply to  CD in Wisconsin
October 18, 2022 1:37 pm

Hans was born in 1955 but looks well beyond his years in my opinion. I wonder why climate alarmists often do not look healthy and in many cases are just plain ugly.

Reply to  Scissor
October 18, 2022 4:29 pm

He’s probably never held a real job in his entire life.

Reply to  BobM
October 18, 2022 5:57 pm

looks like he ain’t never been in the sunshine either. sickly

Reply to  paul
October 18, 2022 6:00 pm

Good point.

oeman 50
Reply to  Scissor
October 19, 2022 7:25 am

Don’t talk about Naomi Oreskes like that!

Andrew Wilkins
Reply to  Scissor
October 19, 2022 11:34 am

It’s the vegan diet.

Reply to  CD in Wisconsin
October 18, 2022 2:09 pm

The window has no glass.. closing it, ie “climate action™”, will make zero difference to future climates.

What will destroy the future is the actions taken to destroy reliable electricity and energy supplies.

The younger generations don’t seem capable of seeing how much they are trashing their own future by going down this idiotic road.

Reply to  b.nice
October 19, 2022 5:44 am

I expect that this winter might force vision on at least some of the European youths. Biden seems to be doing his best to do the same for ours.

Dave Fair
Reply to  CD in Wisconsin
October 18, 2022 6:51 pm

Hans should read some of the bodies of his reports and quit OD-ing on SPMs, press releases, NGOs and unhinged activists’ howling. He absolutely has to know about the unrealistic scenario issues, hot CliSciFi models and a lack of scientific proof of worsening weather metrics that the politicians keep lying about.

AGW is Not Science
Reply to  CD in Wisconsin
October 19, 2022 4:07 am

Try decades.

Bob Close
Reply to  CD in Wisconsin
October 20, 2022 6:24 am

Let’s say 25 years, a whole generation ago. I think the window is stuck open so we can keep getting clean air into the stultifying atmosphere of the climate politics shack.

October 18, 2022 10:40 am
Richard Page
Reply to  David Wojick
October 18, 2022 11:46 am

There will be dancing, lots of it. The have’s and the have not’s will be dancing round each other; the have not’s will be looking for every chance to raise the subject of their money whilst the have’s dance away, trying to ignore it and take it off the agenda completely. I predict less ‘progress’ than at COP26, Alok Sharma may start crying again and the only point of agreement will be to hold COP28 next year.

Reply to  Richard Page
October 18, 2022 1:47 pm

A great metaphoric description! But with lots of diplomatic anger.

Reply to  David Wojick
October 18, 2022 11:14 pm

Still isn’t on the COP27 agenda yet 🙂

October 18, 2022 10:47 am

Risks for society will increase, including to infrastructure and low-lying coastal settlements.

Risks for society will increase if we continue to listen to political operatives pushing the Green New Deal. Windmills and solar are ruinous to the environment and cannot supply the power necessary for a modern society.
Low-lying coastal settlements have always had to balance the risk of being wiped out due to the weather and living where they want for whatever reasons.

These morons are pushing for a stone age society where life for most people will be short and brutal.

Clyde Spencer
Reply to  Brad-DXT
October 18, 2022 7:03 pm

With insects and vegetables on the menu, to be eaten during daylight hours.

Reply to  Clyde Spencer
October 18, 2022 10:13 pm

And the blood of virgins during the dark hours

(They’ll need to get their iron from somewhere)

Richard Page
Reply to  Redge
October 19, 2022 2:23 am

In Sharm-el-Sheikh? That’d be a first. People do not go there with the intention of staying single, as it were.

Bill Rocks
October 18, 2022 11:02 am

Robert Bradley,

Please ennumerate the “tripartite fossil-fuel boom”.

Climate believer
October 18, 2022 11:03 am

Ah yes the COP effect, I was just reading an article today from the CNRS the French National Center for Scientific Research which is a public institution that covers all scientific disciplines.

“Global warming in France promises to be worse than expected”

… of course.

Robert Wager
Reply to  Climate believer
October 18, 2022 12:11 pm

Wonder how “worse than expected” the coming winter will be?

Climate believer
Reply to  Robert Wager
October 18, 2022 12:53 pm

MétéoFrance have not long given their forecast for Oct-Dec 2022, this is what they said:

“The “hotter than normal” scenario is most likely for France. Confidence in this scenario is moderate, which is lower when compared to the hot signal for this spring and this summer.”

I hope they are right for the sake of all those looking at a hard road ahead.

Clyde Spencer
Reply to  Robert Wager
October 18, 2022 7:04 pm

The US mid-west is having snow a month earlier than usual. It is just weather though.

Reply to  Climate believer
October 18, 2022 10:16 pm


Global warming has been promised for nigh on 50 years, still not here in my neck of the woods

“Whadda we wont!”

“Global Warmin!”

“Wen do we wont it!”


Old Man Winter
October 18, 2022 11:07 am

“Capitalism, they posit, succeeds not only because it is efficient but
because it correctly locates the source of wealth in the human mind”

This whole energy fiasco shows why the efficiency of a free society
allocating its resources well leads to prosperity whereas tyranny leads
to wasting resources, with poverty being its end result. Tyrants can
confiscate physical wealth & control people but they can never confiscate
all the ideas that can lead to greater efficiency, locate new sources
of wealth, and/or solve problems.

It began by The Team™ declaring the “science is settled” & censoring
others, thereby discounting (& wasting) others’ mental abilities by
squashing the basis of science itself- skepticism. They shifted resources
to prove they were right versus using those resources to advance our
knowledge of earth’s climate. They decided their supposed problem could
be solved with going “Nut 0” ASAP without a workable plan, thus wasting
even more resources. Since tyrants don’t see the need to have safeguards
in place to correct for obvious mistakes, they’ll blindly do everything
in their power to continue forward with their inefficient & wasteful
plans. This will only lead to much more waste, misery & poverty.

Tyranny’s main problem is that poor decisions made that misuse & waste
resources have no way to correct for them. Malthusians do the same
thing when making dire predictions as they see people as a burden, not
an asset. Those very same people may eventually find solutions to
avert the calamity Malthusians foresee as a certainty. So the key is to
never underestimate the wealth contained in a fellow human’s mind!

Capitalism says the more population the merrier- WSJ 10/3/22


jeffery p
Reply to  Old Man Winter
October 18, 2022 11:41 am

Eight billionth baby or eight billionth living person? We’ve had more 8 billion births already.

Anyhow, without more population there will be workers to pay for governments pensions and other social services. Several developed countries are already having problems with this.

Clyde Spencer
Reply to  jeffery p
October 18, 2022 7:07 pm

If those new workers are also receiving social services, they won’t be in a position to pay into the programs.

H. D. Hoese
October 18, 2022 11:12 am

For those of us old enough to remember real pollution problems, the sin is how this obscures some of the to varying degrees sublethal ‘toxins.’ These are not so obvious and can be very difficult. I have a 1967 paper, among many others pointing out how the obscure “microecological” need more investigation.This one is interesting, unless contamination may be real science, but usual bad exotic. “…caffeine emerged as a significant invasive algal-produced metabolite.” On a coral reef. Benthic exometabolites and their ecological significance on threatened Caribbean coral reefs.

October 18, 2022 11:13 am

Seems like the proponents of the religion of climate change just keep pushing. The dire predictions continue to be put forth and proven wrong. Yet, the highly educated true believers continue to come up with different slants on the ideas to keep it all viable.
Silly leftists. Sheesh.

Michael in Dublin
October 18, 2022 11:44 am

All the African beggar nations will arrive with their large begging bowls at Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. A number of them have already been trying to give wealthy Western nations guilty consciences. Look at how much they are asking for and compare this to both the amount promised in COP 26 and the amount actually received.

October 18, 2022 11:52 am

We had 10 years and 2000 came and went.
The only crisis is one that exists between the ears of the devout

Reply to  Strativarius
October 18, 2022 10:18 pm

between the ears of the devout

Maybe that’s why it’s called an echo chamber

Michael in Dublin
October 18, 2022 11:54 am

In 2007 the Australian Prof Tim Flannery (The Climate Council) a palaeontologist and not involved in any of the main sciences looking at climate predicted:
Even the rain that falls isn’t actually going to fill our dams or river systems (2007)

Wiki on rare occasions slips up with the truth. They will have to scrub this entry:
Drought has severely depleted the level of the (Warragamba NSW) dam at times: on 8 February 2007 it recorded an all-time low of 32.5% of capacity. On 2 March 2012, it overflowed for the first time in fourteen years. It overflowed again in 2016, March 2021 and March 2022.

The COP 27 delgates need to be confronted with numerous facts like these and asked how they can trust experts who keep getting climate/weather predictions wrong.

Otway warrior
Reply to  Michael in Dublin
October 20, 2022 2:21 pm

AND based on Flannery’s advice, Oz built several desalination plants costing well over 10 Billion $A dollars, that to this day, some 1 decade + after completion, have not been utilised, except for maintenance reason eg stop the rust 🙁

AND this farker still gives advice on climate change….has huge balls, half of the tax playing public want to string him up

Reply to  Otway warrior
October 21, 2022 1:07 am

And those desalination plants cost millions to maintain each of them, every year. He also recommended geothermal energy unsuccessfully decades ago in SA at the cost of 90 million dollars. And yes he us still advising the government! The bureaucrats are firmly entrenched here in Australia to the point that it doesn’t matter who is in government, the Greens are in control.

October 18, 2022 11:54 am

IPCC WGII = drama queen

Reply to  E. Schaffer
October 18, 2022 10:19 pm

Drama green

Jeff L
October 18, 2022 12:08 pm

Speaking of government & climate, one of my senators is up for re-election this cycle (Bennett, D-Colorado). I got an election email which more or less said the weather would be better & there would be less natural disasters if you voted for him.
Wow! The hubris pretty much leaves me speechless!

Reply to  Jeff L
October 18, 2022 1:42 pm

Mail-in voting was one factor that has ruined many aspects of Colorado giving us pols like Bennett.

Carlo, Monte
Reply to  Scissor
October 18, 2022 4:06 pm

Oh yeah.

Reply to  Jeff L
October 19, 2022 4:58 am

Learning to Lie from Biden.

October 18, 2022 1:03 pm

“The UN Conference of Parties to be held in Cairo, Egypt …… “.
Has the venue been changed? I thought it was being held in the tourist trap of Sharm el Sheik, a long way from Cairo.

Reply to  Oldseadog
October 18, 2022 1:47 pm

You are right.

Zig Zag Wanderer
Reply to  Oldseadog
October 18, 2022 3:57 pm

Are you saying that COP27 won’t be in de Nile?

Pat Frank
Reply to  Zig Zag Wanderer
October 18, 2022 4:32 pm

Good Lord! COP27 will full of Climate de-Nileists? Horrors!

Richard Page
Reply to  Zig Zag Wanderer
October 19, 2022 2:27 am

The Nile crocodiles would be happy (and well fed).

AGW is Not Science
Reply to  Richard Page
October 19, 2022 4:27 am

If only!

Campsie Fellow
October 18, 2022 1:16 pm

“Risks for society will increase, including to infrastructure and low-lying coastal settlements.”
Is Mr Obama likely to take any notice of that warning?

John V. Wright
October 18, 2022 1:44 pm

And, of course, we are just two years into the next Maunder Minimum. Global temperatures will soon start to decline. Ice will begin to push south. All in defiance of slightly higher CO2 levels. Now, THAT’S going to be hard to explain…

Reply to  John V. Wright
October 18, 2022 4:31 pm


Richard Page
Reply to  John V. Wright
October 19, 2022 2:32 am

Sorry to be pedantic but we can’t be in the next Maunder minimum, we’ve already had it. It’s a minimum but perhaps they’ll call it the ‘Gore Minimum’ in the future, or the ‘Trump Minimum’!

Reply to  John V. Wright
October 19, 2022 12:08 pm

Links please John.
Yesterday on the radio our communist Prime minister was interviewed on the Country session .
She was trying to justify her governments attack on farming and agricultural exports which have the lowest carbon footprint in the world.
At the end of the interview she said “the disastrous frosts that occurred at the beginning of October in New Zealand that devastated kiwi fruit and other crops were caused by climate change ”
I could not believe what I was hearing .
It will all be our fault when the world climate cools in the future .

Stephen Heins
October 18, 2022 2:58 pm

Using Michael Powell’s FCC Internet and business model as an example, government regulation needs to be well-informed, modest, and light-handed.

Open Access for all with reasonable rule making about anti-competitive behavior.

Carlo, Monte
October 18, 2022 4:03 pm

End-to-end lies.

Michael in Dublin
October 18, 2022 4:22 pm

A TalkTV interview of a Just Stop Oil spokesperson illustrates the brainwashing.


My son was saying we should confront these people with some questions:
 •  What should we do if none of their alarmist predictions materialize in ten years?  •  If, because of abandoning fossil fuels, 60 million have died of starvation (ten Holocausts), should people be held accountable?
 •  Should a Nuremberg style trial be held of those who have forced their ideology on nations?
 •  Should the leaders and enforcers receive the severe punishments like those handed out at Nuremberg?
 •  Should there be massive compensation paid by those who were bystanders encouraging these policies?

October 18, 2022 4:35 pm

“They have exposed millions of people to acute food and water insecurity, especially in Africa, Asia, Central and South America, on Small Islands and in the Arctic.”

Exactly the same places that have always been subject to “acute food and water insecurity”. They’re not describing anything but what is normal.

AGW is Not Science
Reply to  BobM
October 19, 2022 4:46 am

And they’re describing problems that would easily be solved if the Eco-Nazis would stop preventing such “places” from using their fossil fuel resources.

October 18, 2022 5:54 pm

Richard Green, these are examples of what radical environmentalists say. These claims are far different than the list you gave me.

Radical environmentalists are right about several things:
— There is a greenhouse effect
— CO2 is a greenhouse gas
— CO2 probably contributed to the global warming since 1850
That’s about it.
I would never buy a used car from an environmentalist
or a consensus climate scientist. However, it does take a special talent to make 100% wrong climate predictions since the 1960s.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Clyde Spencer
October 18, 2022 6:57 pm

Even temporarily exceeding this warming level will result in additional severe impacts, some of which will be irreversible.

They flunked their beginning geology class! There has been no ‘Tipping Point’ in over 4 billion years, despite having been much hotter several times in the past.

AGW is Not Science
Reply to  Clyde Spencer
October 19, 2022 4:48 am

And despite having much higher CO2 levels in the past.

Bob Close
Reply to  Clyde Spencer
October 20, 2022 6:49 am

I’me not sure about ‘tipping points’ related to earth science, as everything happens slowly, not in decades, unless its cosmic impact. Our current mild cyclic warming should be treasured, not worried over or vilified. The longer we can keep Earth from descending into the next glaciation the better. Hopefully by next century we will have new energy technology to help this goal.

October 18, 2022 7:04 pm

Did the IPCC find that tropical tropospheric hot spot yet? It is, after all, the fingerprint of human caused global warming. It is also the reason that millions were spent on satellites designed to detect and measure it.

Reply to  Doonman
October 18, 2022 10:32 pm

They’re still looking for the hotspot

Maybe that’s why they’re going to the hedonistic resort of Sharm el Sheik to see if they can finger it.

October 18, 2022 7:39 pm

Can some one here please explain to the readers ,how global warming can bring about late spring frosts in temperate countries .
Today here in New Zealand our communist Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was interviewed on the midday Country session on the radio .
She blamed the early October frosts which have caused immense harm to Kiwi fruit ,grapes and other frost tender fruit and vegetables .
This was caused by a polar blast from Antarctica which also brought snow to the Southern Alps.
We were told 20 years ago that our children would not know what snow was in the future .
The government is hell bent on reducing emissions from our farmed animals and fertilizer use .
If the government get their way sheep and cattle numbers will drop by 10% prices .
Jacinda tried to say that we would receive 10% more for our exported beef and lamb because of the lower carbon footprint .
The interviewer asked how would that come about when we all ready have the lowest carbon foot print in the world on beef and lamb .
This government is kept in power by the green party which is anti farming and between them they are trying to destroy New Zealands economy which rely s on agricultural exports .
Now back to COP27 .James Shaw our climate change minister “coped ” a lot of flack because he took a plane load of hangers on to Glasgow and I expect it will be no difference this time.

Reply to  Graham
October 18, 2022 7:41 pm

Jacinda blamed the frosts on climate change .

AGW is Not Science
Reply to  Graham
October 19, 2022 4:50 am

Of course. It’s The Boogeyman For Adults.

Bob Close
Reply to  Graham
October 20, 2022 7:05 am

Cheer up Graeme, If the conservatives can get the Maoris onside, they will knock off Jacinda’s mob of socialists, no worries. Then NZ can get back to sensible growth and stability and show Australia how to win the climate wars by ignoring the bullying UN/EU thugs.

another ian
October 19, 2022 2:06 am

I was reminded of this upon reading an IPCC press release earlier this year announcing a new IPCC report, which followed another dire IPCC report a few months earlier.”

Has the IPCC ever issued a report that was not “dire”?

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