NASA’s InSight Waits Out Dust Storm

InSight’s team is taking steps to help the solar-powered lander continue operating for as long as possible.

Oops: Renewable Energy Costs Shut Down Solar Cell Manufacturing in Europe

Despite green claims renewables are the cheapest form of power, renewable manufacturers are struggling to survive Europe’s soaring energy prices.

“Move Before I Pull My Gun Out”: Irate DC Commuter Gets a Pass from Climate Protestors

Video suggests the gun wielding Washington DC commuter was rushing to help her sick mum.

Tokyo Mean September Temperatures Have Seen No Warming In 34 Years, JMA Data Show

Tokyo’s rural island of Hachijojima, located some 287 km out in the Pacific, saw a September mean temperature of 25.9°C:


Climate change and the threat to civilization

World Economic Forum: “Society hasn’t Listened. People Want Action” on Climate Change

Who are these people who are not part of society?

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