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Izzy’s mother is not happy that the process of using children as human shields and emotional manipulators backfired.

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Tom Halla
September 27, 2022 2:06 pm

It is “those people” who should not fly!

September 27, 2022 2:14 pm

It’s always what you should do to save the world not what they will do.

September 27, 2022 2:17 pm

Should have asked her about the phone she is using the clothes she is wearing and the method she uses to get to around.

I’m hoping that none of the above involves plastic, oil derived fuels or coal fired power.

Then again. Thick is thick no matter how you see the world.

Some people SHOULD go to school.

Ben Vorlich
Reply to  Eng_Ian
September 27, 2022 11:19 pm

Some were not listening when they were there.

September 27, 2022 2:18 pm

Asking embarrassing questions during an interview is bullying?

Looks like Izzy didn’t fall far from the tree.

Reply to  MarkW
September 27, 2022 3:09 pm

Seems more like two nuts fell on the ground.

Reply to  MarkW
September 27, 2022 3:26 pm

Everything’s bullying if you’re a leftist.

Matthew Schilling
Reply to  HotScot
September 30, 2022 7:46 am

Bullying, to them, is a one-way street. According to them, nothing from them is bullying.

Reply to  MarkW
September 27, 2022 10:30 pm

<Izzy didn’t fall far from the tree>

She fell from the very top of the “stupid” tree and contrived to hit every branch on the way down!

John Bell
September 27, 2022 2:20 pm

I know a lot of people like that, they want to pretend that they are not doing the things that they do and tell others not to do, but it is okay for them because they are doing their parts by telling the little peasants not to do it. I bet she take happy pills to fight the cognitive dissonance. The lefties I know are such hypocrites.

Reply to  John Bell
September 28, 2022 5:00 am

But Izzy, and her mother sound truly ignorant. The real hypocrites are Kerry, Gore, DiCaprio, Biden, Pelosi, AOC, Mann, and their ilk. They know they’re hypocrites, deep down. Izzy is in la-la land, clueless, abused/bullied by her Mom into believing her life is at stake over climate change. She forced Izzy onto the plane to Fiji. Sure. Good mother. Wanted to spend quality time with her daughter by giving her nightmares about flying to Fiji. Yeah, right.

John Garrett
September 27, 2022 2:21 pm

Rose Cook (Izzy’s mom) isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Where do they find people like that?

Steve Case
Reply to  John Garrett
September 27, 2022 2:32 pm

Where do they find people like that?

They walk among us, they are everywhere.

Reply to  Steve Case
September 27, 2022 3:13 pm

The ‘Grays’ aren’t as smart as they think they are. Just because they’ve mastered interstellar travel doesn’t mean they have any social skills, or common sense for that matter.

Pete Bonk
Reply to  Steve Case
September 27, 2022 4:07 pm

To misquote “The 6th Sense”:

“I see stupid people. They’re everywhere. They don’t even know they’re idiots!”

Reply to  Steve Case
September 28, 2022 4:26 am

And they vote.

Reply to  rho
September 28, 2022 5:17 am

So, you’re saying dead people are stupid?

Hmmmmmm…. maybe so. Look at all the lifelong Republicans who start voting Democrat when they die.

Reply to  John Garrett
September 27, 2022 2:49 pm

Izzy and Dizzy springs to mind

Climate believer
Reply to  John Garrett
September 27, 2022 10:42 pm

I’d suggest that the mother is a total “Karen”.

(Karen is a pejorative slang term for an obnoxious, angry, entitled, woman who uses her privilege to get her way or police other people’s behaviours.)

The daughter didn’t even want to go to Fiji, she was forced to go by her god awful mother.

She’s the one who should be ashamed.

David Dibbell
September 27, 2022 2:41 pm

The interviewer can’t stop laughing at the absurdity. We need more reporters like that, to properly mock the over-the-top claims. Do Peter Kalmus.

Last edited 2 months ago by David Dibbell
Reply to  David Dibbell
September 27, 2022 5:32 pm

Never underestimate the power of ridicule.
If only the comedians would start making fun of the these climate gurus!

[btw Why are they called “gurus”? No one can spell “charlatan”.]

Reply to  B Zipperer
September 27, 2022 11:32 pm

Most UK comedians appear to be fully on board with the global warming farce. If they weren’t on board, they wouldn’t be working for the BBC

Mike Lowe
September 27, 2022 2:53 pm

I’d be inclined to say that it seems that it is the female gender which seems to tackle this scientific matter with unsupported emotional arguments. Except that Heather is apparently the exception!

Reply to  Mike Lowe
September 28, 2022 2:26 am

Female sex: feminine gender

Trying to Play Nice
Reply to  Disputin
September 30, 2022 5:42 am

Aren’t there 164 genders now?

Janice Moore
Reply to  Mike Lowe
September 28, 2022 11:35 am

Man whining: “The planet has a fever!” waaa

Janice Moore
Reply to  Janice Moore
September 28, 2022 11:39 am

Man being hysterical: “The defining crisis of our times — climate change.” (at ~ 00:40)

Janice Moore
Reply to  Janice Moore
September 28, 2022 11:43 am

Two men spewing one unsupported argument[] after another:

Janice Moore
Reply to  Janice Moore
September 28, 2022 11:47 am

Another man:

(~ 00:10 “… global warming … enough to load the climate dice… .”

Janice Moore
Reply to  Janice Moore
September 28, 2022 9:42 pm

This MAN throws a quiet tantrum, breathlessly insisting that “time has quite literally run out”:


Bryan A
Reply to  Janice Moore
September 29, 2022 8:40 am

All that’s needed is Time…
Time enough at last

Janice Moore
Reply to  Bryan A
September 29, 2022 10:20 am

Ouch! That is one of the scenes that has been etched into my memory since I first saw it about 40 years ago. That man, I would say, is to be pardoned for his temper tantrum. Oh, my…… . Tragic.

Lesson for AGWists: Without “eyes to see,” one (like Boris Johnson, above) is blind to the facts readily available to one’s mind.

And what comes to mind, here, is:

only an act of liberation, not instruction, can overcome stupidity.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer (nod to, Tom Abbott)

Bryan A
Reply to  Janice Moore
September 29, 2022 9:20 pm

With any luck, given that the mighty Biden and Pelosi have declared “We’ve beaten global warming” a certain Climate Scientist shall become “The Obsolete Mann”

Trying to Play Nice
Reply to  Janice Moore
September 30, 2022 5:44 am

I wouldn’t call that a “man”. It’s a boy like Peter Pan. Quitting school before high school graduation made him a genius.

Trying to Play Nice
Reply to  Mike Lowe
September 30, 2022 5:43 am

The young men in those protests aren’t scientific but they aren’t emotional either. They are following the wrong head because of the young women in attendance.

September 27, 2022 3:19 pm

I suspect that Izzy took too many headers playing soccer (futbol).

Reply to  Nik
September 27, 2022 3:27 pm

futbal? Do you mean football?

Ian Johnson
Reply to  HotScot
September 27, 2022 4:37 pm


Reply to  Ian Johnson
September 28, 2022 1:50 am

🤣 👍

Janice Moore
Reply to  HotScot
September 28, 2022 12:00 pm

He likely means soccer (British football), or, in Español, “fútbol.”

Last edited 2 months ago by Janice Moore
D. J. Hawkins
Reply to  Janice Moore
September 28, 2022 2:19 pm

“Soccer” being the word the Brits gave us for the game way back when. Ironic, no?

Janice Moore
Reply to  D. J. Hawkins
September 28, 2022 3:10 pm

Yes. 🙂

September 27, 2022 3:26 pm

‘Izzy works hard … we support her hard work and her hypocrisy; and by being hypocritical parental role models ourselves, we hope one day she will grow to be the same type of role model for her children.’

(this is a very very bad mommy)

Last edited 2 months ago by DonM
September 27, 2022 3:35 pm

“The conversation needs to be about radically reimagining the way we live, building sustainable communities, and producing and consuming locally, not gotchas and petty point-scoring pointing out the hypocritical actions of those that want to control the direction of said conversation.”

Richard Page
Reply to  DonM
September 28, 2022 7:20 am

Moral of the story – if you want to take the ethical high ground, make sure it’s outside of artillery range!

William Capron
September 27, 2022 3:50 pm

Izzy and Nick Stokes and Griff could form a comedy team, the three stooges of climate comedy.

Robert Austin
Reply to  William Capron
September 27, 2022 8:40 pm

Nick Stokes’ IQ is more than the sum of Izzy’s and Griff’s added together, perhaps even multiplied together! Smart is not always wise, though and perhaps someday he will come to the realization that there is no climate emergency.

Richard Page
Reply to  Robert Austin
September 28, 2022 7:21 am

Yeah the day after pigs learn to fly!

Paul Hurley (aka PaulH)
September 27, 2022 3:55 pm

What’s an Izzy Cook?

Reply to  Paul Hurley (aka PaulH)
September 27, 2022 3:58 pm

Whatever it is, I’m sure she burns it.

John the Econ
September 27, 2022 4:04 pm

Quite frankly, from Al Gore, Leo DiCaprio on down, I honestly don’t understand how the movement survives the rank hypocrisy of its most vocal advocates.

Except for the money & power. That I understand.

John the Econ
Reply to  John the Econ
September 27, 2022 4:12 pm

…and if you are going to let your 16-year-old daughter be used as a prop for a sham agenda she doesn’t even understand, then she deserves what she gets for her rank ignorance.

John the Econ
Reply to  John the Econ
September 27, 2022 4:18 pm

…and then mom who didn’t have a problem flying the family to Fiji goes on to lecture us about the climate crisis too!

Bryan A
Reply to  John the Econ
September 27, 2022 7:11 pm

How the movement survives???
Laxatives and stool softeners.

Reply to  Bryan A
September 28, 2022 2:09 am

You owe me a new keyboard, Bryan.

Pete Bonk
September 27, 2022 4:14 pm

When is a non-idiot child going to start a “Stay in school and learn some real science for climate” and get the same adulation the foolish children that suggest avoiding school have gotten?

joe x
Reply to  Pete Bonk
September 28, 2022 5:29 am

i suspect that time will be sometime this coming january or february 2023 in europe.

D. J. Hawkins
Reply to  Pete Bonk
September 28, 2022 2:22 pm

I think Naomi Seibt is a good candidate.

September 27, 2022 4:14 pm

These people want to have “young leaders”, but also want those supposed “leaders” to be immune from scrutiny and criticism. These “young leaders” they are wheeling out are just ideological proxies for the neo-Marxists that are behind this, as they are well aware that their Marxist policies do not hold up to even mild scrutiny.

If you are a young person and don’t want to be criticized, particularly if you are guilty of abject hypocrisy, then don’t put your hand up to be a “leader”. Something the very young should never do, because they are naive and very easily misled by malicious forces.

Paul Penrose
Reply to  MarkH
September 28, 2022 10:08 am

It’s posts like this that make me wish I could upvote more than once. Like maybe 1024.

Dave Fair
Reply to  Paul Penrose
October 1, 2022 6:13 pm

Paul, try +42X42^42.

September 27, 2022 4:41 pm

LOL That was an Izzy one.

September 27, 2022 5:15 pm

What a moron. Just like a US Democrat senator said afew hours ago, reckons that if you vote Democrats they will stop hurricanes. The EU ENGLAND are going to find out the hard how to save the planet.

September 27, 2022 5:16 pm

What a poor substitute for Greta. I bet Izzy can’t see CO2 like Greta can.

Reply to  SMC
September 27, 2022 6:38 pm

the trade off … the lack of constipated anger … is worth it.

Bryan A
Reply to  SMC
September 27, 2022 7:14 pm

She didn’t come off as Autistic…
Just under educated and over indoctrinated

Trying to Play Nice
Reply to  SMC
September 30, 2022 5:48 am

But she’s better looking.

Alan Watt, Climate Denialist Level 7
September 27, 2022 5:21 pm

I’m at a loss to understand how organizing high school students to strike (not attend classes) could make any useful contribution to “fighting climate change”.

Note to Izzy:

We live in an industrial civilization, for which if you have paid any attention to history classes you should be profoundly grateful, and not just because it enables you to visit exotic places like Fiji. Abandoning industrial civilization would mean roughly 6 out of the 7.5 billion people alive today would have to perish by starvation, assuming they don’t die in the resulting violent chaos first.

Just maintaining the industrial civilization we have requires that a sufficient number of people master essential skills. We ensure this by providing at least 12 years of formal education at public expense. Managing the major industrial transformation you demand requires even more and higher-skilled people, which means more study. See “Great Leap Forward” for what happens when such a transformation is forced by people who don’t know what they are doing. You can look this up in Wikipedia while on strike from your regular classes.

Spoiled “climate activists” who organize school strikes are in effect refusing to master the skills needed to address the very problem to which they demand the rest of us pay attention.

Bottom line: I’ll take you seriously when you take your own responsibilities seriously.

September 27, 2022 6:11 pm

I could care less what Izzy’s mother thinks.

Reply to  Bob
September 28, 2022 2:30 am

I couldn’t.

Alexy Scherbakoff
September 27, 2022 6:29 pm

Maybe she can do an only fans to support climate refugees.

September 27, 2022 7:40 pm

How to solve a big problem in Australia.
Let all lefty greens go to NZ . Normal folk can enjoy and get on with life as is meant to be.

September 27, 2022 9:44 pm
Gary Pate
September 27, 2022 11:46 pm

Can someone buy this spoiled brat a hair brush?

Janice Moore
Reply to  Gary Pate
September 28, 2022 12:12 pm

Oh, but, Mr. Pate, that’s the “messy hair, don’t care” look of a truly righteous young woman. It communicates (to the rest of the cult): “I am so holy that I only care about the cause; I don’t take the time for personal grooming because I am focusing all my energy on saving the planet.”

(I’m with you, btw — messy hair is just, well, messy.)

Ed Zuiderwijk
September 28, 2022 2:16 am

Dizzy miss Izzy made my day.

Rod Evans
September 28, 2022 2:54 am

The thing about encounters like the one here is, the hypocrite young lady does not recognise the conflict of position she is involved in.
She can sail along claiming to be oh so climate concerned so active in here thinking and voicing of actions needed then fly off to somewhere nice to enjoy her wealth. She is oblivious to the hypocrisy and is oblivious to the demand for universal poverty her desired climate actions bring with them.
She will happily go on another holiday to a lovely place certain she is virtuous and that is all that matters to her.
Do as I say not as I do is the principle Climate Alarmist position. think Al Gore or John Kerry or Barack Obama. Think Emma Thompson or DiCaprio as he comes ashore onto a tropical paradise having journeyed there in his private yacht.

Ben Vorlich
September 28, 2022 4:02 am

When I was six a well worn excuse was “Bigger boys made me do it and ran away

Andy Pattullo
September 28, 2022 8:45 am

I think overuse of a decolouring hair product has affected whatever reasoning skills she previously had. These products can sneak in the ears and before you know it you are voting for socialists and buying teslas with poor peoples money.

Last edited 2 months ago by Andy Pattullo
September 28, 2022 7:21 pm

Did she settle the strike against the school yet? What improvements in the school / student contract were achieved?

Reply to  Doonman
September 29, 2022 12:09 am

you can beat the strike was on a Friday so everyone got a long weekend (hop a flight to Fiji maybe?)

Craig from Oz
Reply to  Doonman
September 29, 2022 8:02 pm

To paraphrase someone else’s joke:

“What do we want?”
“When do we want it?”

September 29, 2022 12:03 am

Bit of a crash at the intersection of virtue signaling, hypocrisy and youthful naivety.

Well young people, if you want your head on the media and you want people to listen, you better make sense.

Ed Zuiderwijk
September 29, 2022 7:53 am

The comment by her mumsi, fretting over how unfair the treatment of her daughter is, who deserves so much better, shows a total absence of self-reflection. Just nauseatingly offensive.

james freeman
September 29, 2022 8:38 am

Mom should be ashamed at using her daughter as a political pawn

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