Sulfur: A Potential Resource Crisis That Could Stifle Green Technology and Threaten Food Security as The World Decarbonizes

By recognising the sulfur crisis now, we can develop national and international policies to manage future sulfur demand, increase resource recycling, and develop alternative cheap supplies which have minimal environmental…

EU Votes to Keep Burning Forests Because of Climate Change

In the 16th Century, coal saved the forests of Britain and Europe from total extinction. My question, who or what will save the forests this time?

Guardian: Leaked Plans for a Global Carbon Tax

According to The Guardian, poor countries will demand a global carbon tax this week on airline travel, shipping fuel and fossil fuel extraction.

“Big Oil vs The World”: BBC Exposé Fails (Episode I)

The documentary is slick propaganda that accuses oil companies of producing slick propaganda.

Checkbook Journalism: Bought & Paid for Climate ‘News’: NPR Announces Facebook’s Zuckerberg & Rockefeller Foundation Will Be funding NPR’s ‘Climate Desk’

What could be simpler than paying AP to print the propaganda they want? It is little wonder the industry’s financial outlook is bleak!

Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup #520

Before you make a case a general rule, test it two or three times and observe whether all experiments produce identical results.” – Leonardo da Vinci.