Too Much Business Input: Aussie Government Stacks Climate Authority with Radical Activists

Hands up who plans to invest in Australia? Three radical climate activists have been added to the 9 person climate change authority, to counter perceptions of too much business influence…

FP: COP27 Host Egypt Arresting Environmental Activists

COP27 will be unusually quiet, because the local protestors who usually show up to such events will likely all be in jail.

Frozen Planet II repeats Attenborough’s climate change scaremongering that began in 2015

This is calculated ‘climate change’ propaganda marketed as ‘entertainment’. Buyer beware.

Media Can’t Agree on the Number of Climate Tipping Points, Much less When

Despite evidence to the contrary provided by real-world-data, climate alarmism over future tipping points seems to be a constant feature of the media, but they never happen – “its déjà vu…

Time: UK PM Liz Truss has Shown “Strikingly Little Interest” in Climate Change

Time Magazine picking up on the potential climate policy conflict between King Charles and Britain’s new Prime Minister Liz Truss.