Wave Of German Insolvencies Picks Up Speed…”Tenfold Increase in Gas, Electricity Prices”

One baker in our local area has seen his monthly gas bills go from 3000 euros earlier this year to 11,000 euros!

Aussie PM: “Entirely Appropriate” King Charles Continue his Climate Activism

King Charles recently stated he will leave causes he cares about “in the hands of others”. But Aussie PM Anthony Albanese thinks climate activism should not be seen as political.

Are the North Atlantic Currents Strengthening or Weakening?

By contrast, recent empirical studies have challenged the “weakening” hypothesis.

BRICS Starts Sidestepping the Tragedy of Western Energy Policy

The world is marching right past us, here in the west, in a certain way. Fear of a lack of fuel and food will do that to people.

WEF: Pakistan Climate Change Floods are the British Empire’s Fault?

Climate Reparations Required? According to the World Economic Forum, the Sukkur Barrage, a British built diversion dam which unexpectedly withstood the recent floods and saved lives, despite decades of neglect,…

The Religious Moral Dilemma that Drives the “Moral Imperative to Stop Global Warming” into a Brick Wall

Ask yourselves how big of a sin it is for such an influential body of people to deceive their viewing audiences to that extent.