An Ocean of Plastic —  Fishing Gear

A couple of new studies have come out that challenge the Jenna Jambeck widely accepted consensus view on Pelagic (Oceanic) Plastic. 

Aussie Professors Push for $275 / ton Social Cost of CO2

“Health benefits” of CO2 pricing and lower CO2 emissions include having to walk and cycle more.

Climate scientists & politics: Simpleton versus Wicked scientists

But if a scientist is dominated by their political instincts on this issue, they will continue to take the court jester path and not contribute to solutions in a meaningful…

Claim: The World is On the Brink of Five Climate Tipping Points

Is anyone else fed up with us approaching but never actually crossing all those dangerous tipping points?

Environmentalists Petition EPA to Ban Natural Gas Use in Buildings

The environmentalists petition to the EPA is just the opening salvo following passage of the Inflation Reduction Act (a.k.a., Green New Deal Lite).

World is not going through an energy crisis but a ‘crisis of common sense’

Geologist Ian Plimer says the world is not going through a crisis of energy, but is going through a “crisis of common sense”.