From Sri Lanka to Salinas

Kawamura added that a fertilizer ban would  “collapse the production curve” in California within about three years of implementation.

WSJ: Why the Renewable Energy Transition will Fail

Wall Street Journal trashing claims the renewable energy transition will bring down prices, or is even possible.

When a Chemistry Journal Publishes a Sociologist on Climate and Energy

It is disappointing that her views are showcased in a publication that is supposed to focus on chemistry and chemical, not social, engineering.

The Multiplier

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach This is a follow-on from my previous post entitled Greenhouse Equilibrium. If you haven’t read it, you might want to, as it introduces many of…

The Summer of 2022

It’s been a summer of record breaking hype, if little else.

The New Pause Pauses

The New Pause has paused. As in July, so in August, there has been a zero trend in global warming for 7 years 11 months according to the UAH satellite…

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