UAH Global Temperature Update for August, 2022: +0.28 deg. C

The Version 6.0 global average lower tropospheric temperature (LT) anomaly for August, 2022 was +0.28 deg. C, down from the July, 2022 value of +0.36 deg. C.

Pew: Climate Concern is a Mostly Left Wing Issue

According to Pew Research, More people than ever are worried about climate change – but there is a stark left / right political divide in levels of concern.

Is Extreme Weather Causing the World’s Rivers to Dry Up?

As is often the case, the facts usually disprove the alarmist position associated with climate change. This is no different with respect to the CNN article.

Greenhouse Efficiency

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Buoyed by equal parts of derision and praise for my last post, “Surface Radiation: Absorption And Emission“, I once again venture into the arena. I…

Why a Dud Hurricane Season … So Far? Join us LIVE on YouTube at noon CT today.

Participate in the chat on the YouTube stream LIVE at Noon CT today and every Friday to get your questions answered.

How Serious is the ARk Storm (Catastrophic Flooding) Threat Along the West Coast?

 reality is not following the predicted extreme precipitation increase projected by the climate models.

CNBC: Amazon Rooftop Fires Prompted Solar Panel Shutdown

Last Year Amazon was forced to take all their solar panels offline, after the panels caused six separate fire and explosion incidents. Amazon blames third party installers for the problems.