German Experts Warn of Grid Instability…” Conventional Power Plants Needed for a Long Time to Come”

Germany’s massive, subsidized expansion of electricity generation from renewable sources has squeezed out conventional generation units out of the market. Two experts warn of growing grid instability.

The Science of Snowfall and Climate Snowjobs

Jim Steele “As scientists who study what controls snowfall admit, “There are “no easy answers” to the question of climate change and snow” Nonetheless click bait media doesnt hesitate to…

Lake Mead Low Water Levels, Part 2: Colorado River Inflow Variations and Trend

Contrary to claims that drought is causing Lake Mead water levels to fall, the Colorado River natural flows into Lake Mead show no long-term trend since 1930.

Numbers –Tricky Tricky Numbers: Part 3.5

Take a perfectly insulated box 2 meters by 1 meter by 1 meter.  This box will have a volume of two cubic meters and, since it is perfectly insulated, will…

Save the Date! 15th International Conference on Climate Change

IT’S BACK: Make plans NOW to join The Heartland Institute at the 15th edition of the most-important and informative conference on climate science and energy policy in the world.

Lake Mead Low Water Levels: Overuse, Not Climate Change

In today’s news is yet another article claiming the record-low water levels in Lake Mead (a manmade water reservoir) are due to human-caused climate change.