Aussie Triumph? Solar Briefly Overtook Coal, then Failed at Sunset

If only those lazy engineers would figure out how to keep the solar panels working at night, when people actually need the electricity…

Climate Change Weekly #444: China Scraps (Already Scant) Climate Cooperation Over Pelosi Taiwan Visit

After managing to control my uproarious laughter about China’s announcement, the first thought that popped into my mind was, what cooperation?

Biden Inflation Act Provides the EPA New Weapons to Pursue their Climate Change Jihad

Think Gasoline is expensive now? From 2024, US Oil and gas companies will face impossible operating conditions, with the US EPA promising to impose a $900 / ton methane release…

DEBUNKED: Europe’s claimed ‘worst drought in 500 years’ – Peer-reviewed studies, data & IPCC reveal ‘drought has not increased’ & ‘cannot be attributed to human-caused climate change’

the IPCC and the underlying peer reviewed research on which it assesses has concluded that drought has not increased and, logically, that increased drought cannot be attributed to human-caused climate…

Failed Climate Predictions – Willie Soon, PhD

Doctors for Disaster Preparedness Published August 19, 2022 Presentation by Willie Soon, PhD, Independent Scientist, CERES, DDP, Las Vegas August 15, 2022 Also available on our Vdeo page.

Emails, Wayback Machine Gem Confirms: DiCaprio, Other Private Funders of Governmental Climate Litigation Paid Millions to “Climate” Lawyers Via Pass-through Charity

Did the law firm disclose to its clients, e.g., Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, that it was already being paid to conduct this litigation?