Green Energy Nightmare: German Politician Labels Poor People “Enemies of the State”

Germany’s Interior Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, Herbert Reul, is worried agitators and conspiracy theorists might be taking advantage of people’s distress over energy bills and the cost of living crisis.

Global Warming Spawned the Age of Reptiles

Harvard researchers find rapid evolution of reptiles was triggered by nearly 60 million years of global warming and climate change

Is WSJ Quietly Practicing More Balanced Reporting on Climate Change?

A scattering of surprisingly climate skeptic stories has started appearing lately in the pages of America’s premier financial journal. But there may be an important deeper reason which explains why…

Overview of the Koonin-Dessler Debate

By Andy May The SOHO Forum Debate began at 5:30PM (Central Time) on August 15, 2022 in the New York Sheen Center, as I announced here. Koonin won the Oxford…

LIVE: Common Climate Change Fallacies Exposed

Over the years, political elites in conjunction with the corporate media have zeroed in on certain talking points that scare the public into believing we’re in a climate crisis. These…

Column: Appalling New Historical Precedent – Surplus Cash Flow Cannot Solve World’s Energy Problems, By Design

The golden goose has had its beak stapled shut.

New Evidence Shows Water Separates into Two Different Liquids at Low Temperatures

Fresh evidence that water can change from one form of liquid into another, denser liquid, has been uncovered by researchers at the University of Birmingham and Sapienza Università di Roma.