Shark Attacks and Climate Change

Contrary to NBC Nightly News, there is no scientific basis for the claim that climate change is causing shark attacks.

John Kerry BBC Net Zero Rant: Instructs Tory Candidates Not to “Jigger” with 2050

“I will say very pointedly and adamantly: We’re behind. We do not have the luxury of jiggering with the 2050 right now”

Numbers –Tricky Tricky Numbers: Part 1

We find ourselves reading articles and essays and journal papers filled with abstractions about abstractions about ordinary phenomena. 

The Atlantic: Climate Nostalgia Causes “stupidity of the mind”

A green language expert has channelled a 17th century medical student to capture the profound emotional impact looking at an open cut coal mine can cause.

Get Ready for the 100 Year Long Climate “Emergency”

None of which will or can have any effect on the 85% (and growing) of world carbon emissions that come from outside the U.S. and which the U.S. government cannot…

British Green Electricity Crisis – Britain Paid £9.72 / KWh to Keep the Lights On

Imagine receiving a quarterly household electricity bill of £10,000 – because this is the kind of money Britain’s Electricity System Operator paid last Wednesday, to prevent blackouts during the heatwave.