Could Natural Hydrogen Kill Green Hydrogen?

If you have never heard of natural hydrogen deposits before, you’re not alone. But discoveries of substantial underground gas fields which mostly contain almost pure hydrogen have the potential to…

Reuters:  How to Lie with Facts

The sea isn’t rising, the land is sinking.

The EU’s Green Experiment

By Andy May The GWPF has just released a new report, written by John Constable describing the economic impact of their green policies, and it isn’t pretty. Some highlights: EU…

Claim: Offering a Premium for Reliable Energy Would Hinder the Green Transition

Greens have claimed Aussie entrepreneurs are reluctant to invest in battery storage, because they are not sure of the timeline for shutting down coal.

New Paper Polar Bears Attracted to Garbage Dumps Blames Lack of Sea Ice Without Any Evidence

All you need to know about the motivation behind the paper comes from the authors’ acknowledgement:

Banning Modern Agriculture and High Crop Yields?

Biden EPA policies will raise prices and harm crops and environment, in name of saving species