Our Green Future? Energy Impoverished Aussies Risking Carbon Monoxide Poisoning to Stay Warm

President Obama called it right when he said renewable energy would cause electricity bills to skyrocket. But he forgot to mention all the dead people.

Wind and Solar Fail to Reduce PJM’s CO2 Emissions

“Wind and solar electric generation are actually poor technologies no one would use without permanent government mandates and massive subsidies and taxes that are adding $1 billion a year in…

Ocean Atmosphere Response to Solar EMR at Top of the Atmosphere

How can climate models hope to reflect the real world when clouds are parameterised with no sensitivity to surface temperature?

No, children, the Monarch Butterfly is Not Endangered

Monarchs are officially, even by the overly cautious IUCN, considered to be of Least Concern of being endangered or going extinct. 

BRICS In the New World Energy Order: Hedging in Oil Geopolitics

The BRICS have been catapulted into a position of being the only constellation of forces that challenges the global economic dominance of the G7 developed countries bloc.

50 Years of Landsat

We’re celebrating 50 years of the Landsat satellite, the first of which launched on July 23, 1972. The latest in the series, Landsat 9, launched in September 2021.