Germany’s Running Out Of Energy: Wind Turbine Construction Stalls, Firewood Becoming Scarce!

Personally, I called a local firewood dealer earlier in the week. They told me they have none left and that they could put me down on a waiting list.

Claim: Coastal Glacier Retreat Linked to Climate Change

but exactly what’s triggering the large-scale retreat has been difficult to pin down because of natural fluctuations in the glaciers’ surroundings.

Climate Alarmism Not (Manchin feels the breeze of energy freedom)

The climate crusade is fueled by deficit spending both in removing wind and solar and EVs from the tax code and by limitless spending by the U.S. Department of Energy.

RIP – Dr. Patrick Michaels, 1950-2022

I’m sorry to inform the climate realist community of the passing of friend and colleague, Dr. Patrick Michaels. I worked on several projects with Pat, and I was always impressed…

In The UK, Some Political Movement on The Climate Scare

It has long been my view that the whole climate scare thing will fade away and disappear once the costs and risks of the insane zero carbon agenda become clear…

The New York Times Fails to Report….

“Only 34% of voters say they are confident (6% very confident) in mainstream media organizations to accurately and fairly report about news and politics, while 65% are not too confident…

Think It’s Hot Now? How Britain Roasted in TEN-WEEK Heatwave During Summer of ’76

Amid the hysteria over the coming heatwave, the Mail reminds us all about the really roasting summer of 1976: