Democrats Vent their Fury as Joe Manchin Shelves Action on Climate Change

We’re all going to die

Sen. Tom Cotton Warns Companies Joining ESG: “You’d Better Lawyer Up”

There’s a reason why America’s top law firms are already advising their clients to be wary here.

The Global Warming Golden Goose

Climate science was an obscure and unimportant corner of academia until the professors lucked out with global warming. 

Live Now, Roundtable : Media Wrongly Blames Climate Change for Yosemite Park Fire

Climate Change Roundtable Ep21 The Heartland Institute The corporate media is predictably latching onto the wildfire at Yosemite Park as another example of climate change in action. You’d think the…

Does the Biden Administration Get Why China Dominates Intermittent Wind and Solar Manufacturing?

US Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm and Australia’s Climate and Energy Minister Chris Bowen, have announced a joint agreement to break China’s dominance of solar and wind manufacture.

Evolving To Outpace Climate Change, Tiny Marine Animal Provides New Evidence of Long-Theorized Genetic Mechanism

“These copepods are a saltwater species that now needs to adapt to much fresher water in their environment.”

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Open Thread

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